New World Record Set As Enormous 200-Foot FC Cologne Club Crest Projected Onto Hoover Dam (Photo)

Chris Wright

13th, May 2015


By Chris Wright


What you see above you is FC Cologne’s club crest being projected, approximately 200-feet tall on the Hoover Dam in Arizona.

Why? Well, it’s all part of a scheme devised by German PR agency Oliver Schrott Kommunikation (OSK), who decided that splashing Hennes the goat across the dam was the best way of showing off the structure’s brand new and extremely powerful lighting system.

OSK, it should be mentioned, are based in Cologne and as such have an inordinately high number of FC Cologne fans among their workforce.

Under the quite wonderful headline ‘Biggest ever Hennes’, the official Bundesliga website confirmed that the enormous Cologne logo covered an area of 39,000 square metres – a new Guinness World Record.

FC Cologne’s executive director, Alexander Wehrle, told the site:

“The fantastic photos of the FC logo on the Hoover Dam are an honour for us and we’re naturally very pleased.”

“It’s great that FC fans are working on such extravagant projects and ensuring that 1. FC Köln has a presence on one of the most famous structures of mankind.

“That is truly something special.”

Cologne striker Anthony Ujah must be made up to see his good friend Hennes hitting such heights.

(Via Bundesliga/Image:

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  1. Fat Nakago says:

    You explained why…..but you didn’t really explain WHY!!!

    If you get my drift…

    I get showing off the Hoover Dam’s lighting system, but…why Why WHY FC Köln and not, say, the UNLV Running Rebels, or the LA Galaxy or the Green Bay Packers.

    FC Köln? Really now??

    I need a beer….

    • Chris says:

      @Fat Nakago: Because the whole stunt was organised by a Cologne-based PR firm full of Cologne fans.

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