World Cup Photos: Spain 0-1 Switzerland – Yes, You Read That Right

Ollie Irish

17th, June 2010


By Ollie Irish


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A Spanish fan shows her support, in the stands prior to kick off

Photos: PA

Um, this wasn’t, er, supposed to happen. I’m still rather bemused as to how brilliant, shining Spain, packed with the best players in the world, could lose to a workmanlike Swiss side, but it happened – even more shockingly, Switzerland deserved it. They were organised, ambitious and might even have won by more than a single goal. Spain’s players never really got going.

Spain should still beat both Chile and Honduras, and may even yet top their group and go on to great things, but it’s hardly an auspicious start for Xavi, Iniesta and co.

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  1. spectator says:

    were spain playing with 9 midfielders? it looked like it. they looked like they put so much focus on possession and crisp passing that they forgot you’re supposed to eventually try to score a goal or two. they didn’t have that killer instinct which, to be fair, they would have had if torres had been fit going into the tournament. he was getting into all the right areas when he came on but had no touch, very rusty.

    so well done, i bet no one was banking on the swiss. *cough* ahem.

  2. JS. says:

    Awesome game, I hope Spain won’t get past the group stage.

  3. kritter says:

    Ok, here comes crackpot conspiracy theory # 1 from me:

    Do you suppose that the Spanish FA is disallowing Cesc Fabregas from playing to blackmail him back to La Liga? It’s the only way that not playing the Premiership’s leading scoring midfielder (19 goals, 19 assists!) against a team that certainly resembles a Stoke City or a Bolton makes sense to me.

  4. Deckard says:

    Kinda agree with spectator. Though some of Spain’s passing and fluidity was beautiful to watch, I couldn’t believe they didn’t have more serious cracks at goal. For example Villa’s chance at the end of the first-half. What the hell was a doing, that was the most retarded chip I’d ever seen. He should’ve just drilled his with his left foot. It’s what the Villa of 2006 would’ve done. Maybe he thinks he needs to be all fancy and shit now that he’s signed for Barca.

    Although I personally could’ve care less if Spain get eliminated in the first round – in the end they only have themselves to blame – to raise the quality of the WC a bit(which it still needs) I’m hoping they come out and absolutely trounce Honduras in their next game. I’m waiting of the first 6-0 of this WC. Though I’d love Holland to do that to Japan of course :D :D

  5. mk says:

    allez la suisse. nuff said..

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