World Cup Photos: England 0-0 Algeria, Group C

Ollie Irish

18th, June 2010


By Ollie Irish


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England fans show their support, in the stands prior to kick off

First-half verdict: Abysmal, England played without any sense of fun, without any verve, and looked bloody knackered too. Algeria were better, but not by much. Depressing but hardly a new experience for England fans. 3/10 for England, 5/10 for Algeria

Second-half verdict: See above, but slightly better. Still shit mind.

Oh dear.

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  1. kaya says:

    Ollie, I really think you should stick to the format you used for the US/Slovenia match photos. It just takes so damn long to load the photos, and each time you have to scroll back down to click next.

  2. Ben says:

    Fucking disgrace

  3. James says:

    Second half better? WHAT?!

  4. kathmcp says:

    Agreed. Or a thumbnail gallery?

  5. Deckard says:

    41 pics does take a bit to get through, but at least here I actually get to see some good WC pics. I’ve been looking around and many other sites don’t seem to have many if at all.

    England was really crap against Algeria. There’s no other word for it. During the MOTD analysis I was shocked to see some of the god awful passing by couple of the English players, the same ones who stand out on a weekly basis in the EPL.

    England will scrape past Slovakia is my gut feeling and if they don’t massively improve a side like Argentina will rip them apart. Or even Germany if they can play again how they did vs Australia.

  6. C says:

    I’ve bitched and moaned about the current gallery format before. Seems like a good time to jump the bandwagon and do so again.

    This is me, bitchin’ and moanin’. Change it please, Ollie :)

  7. Martyn says:

    Your quote “Second-half verdict: See above, but slightly better. Still shit mind.”

    Shouldn’t the s in shit be a capital letter.

  8. Deckard says:

    The longer I look at the them the more I’m starting to hate England’s jersey. Retro can be cool but 1950’s style rugby-like jersey are definitely not. And the all-white out-fit makes you think New Zealand has two teams at the WC. England should be wearing black/navy shorts.

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