World Cup Photo Blog: Paraguay 0-0 Japan (Paraguay Win On Penalties)

Ollie Irish

29th, June 2010


By Ollie Irish

A poor match, Spain or Portugal should beat Paraguay quite comfortably in the QF. Photos below, as they dropped (all photos: PA):

Did I just say yay? I meant yawn. This is dire.

Extra time now. Yay.

This is boring, huh. Bring on pens…

Not very much to talk about thus far, save one long-range cracker by Japan that hit the bar.

Ah, look who’s showed up today, dressed like a war criminal in his dotage. It’s Evil Uncle Sepp (boooo!):

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  1. Ping Yang says:

    Paraguay are a very poor team. Disgusting to look at. I thought that the Japanese under performed big time. They were great against Denmark but today there game play seriously deteriorated. I think for a neutrals point of view, you would want to see the Japan team in the next round. Paraguay are not good enough. They play dirty and all they have is a sturdy defense. I take nothing away from them though. They made history by making the next round. However the Japanese have the potential to play well against Spain or Portugal. Basically given a decent team, Japan can play there passing football and this is what they are used to and very good at. However, the aggression and fouls committed by Paraguay limited them to playing the long ball which they are not good at. Sadly there will be no more Endo or Honda. Instead the world cup gets the dirty Da Silva and the ugly Valdez. I expect Spain or Portugal to beat them easily BUT expect a Paraguay team that plays rough and always uses the long ball. YAWN. Thank god we get either Spain or Portugal to tear them apart. IF it was Japan then it would have been an attacking fascinating game. But there you have it, Paraguay won the lottery of the penalties.

  2. Connor says:

    I completely disaggree here. All Japan did was sit around and try to draw fouls for Honda and Endo. Their passing was simply dire. They couldn’t work a ball through and they were really unable to break down the Paraguayan defense. And since when has a strong defense made a team less worthy than a team with a strong attack? this is not club football, you play with the resources available to you, and Paraguay lacks in midfield and has big strikers… so why not play the long ball. By your own assertion, Japan allowed Paraguay to dictate the style of play which fit them, and Japan got outmuscled, not fouled. Dirty play? That’s hard physical defending, and it wins games.

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