Top 15 Photos: England Women 1-1 Mexico Women – Monica Ocampo Pings Equaliser In From Diiiiistance (With Video)

Chris Wright

28th, June 2011


By Chris Wright

England Women got their World Cup campaign underway with a slightly disappointing 1-1 draw against Mexico in Wolfsburg yesterday afternoon – going ahead through Fara Williams’ looping 21st-minute header before being pegged back just 13 minutes on down the line thanks to a bit of a special effort from Monica Ocampo.

There were definitely several encouraging signs from an England perspective (the midfield looked infinitely preferable to the mens’ and the defence just about repelled everything that came their way) but the wilting heat eventually took it’s toll on Hope Powell’s side and the stamina levels faded a long time before a winner could be mustered – something to bear in mind for Friday’s outing against New Zealand…

Mexico line up for their national anthem

Mexico coach Leonardo Cuellar gives us a disconcertingly camp wave from the dug-out

Eniola Aluko nips in ahead of Rubi Sandoval

Fara Williams (she’s in there somewhere) arcs a header over the Mexican ‘keeper, 16-year old Cecilia Santiago, to open the scoring for England

Fara Williams celebrates with Casey Stoney and Jill Scott after scoring the first goal of the afternoon…

…before being mobbed by the rest of her teammates

Kelly Smith holds off Monica Ocampo

Fara Williams and Dinora Garza battle for an aerial ball

Juana Lopez smuggles the ball behind Rachel Unitt’s back

Jill Scott clambers all over Stephany Mayor

Monica Ocampo celebrates by swatting the corner flag after equalising for Mexico with a fine long-range effort

Rachel Unitt closes Nayeli Rangel down

Mexico celebrate after the final whistle

Here’s footage of Ocampo’s peachy equaliser. The general consensus seems to be that England ‘keeper Karen Bardsley dropped a proverbial bollock but, to be fair, it’s a corking strike…

Sweet as a nut – a little Mexican nut.

Photos: PA

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  1. Madjair says:

    What a surprise, a female keeper looking like a complete arse. Somehow to me every single female goalkeeper seems to be hopelessly bad.

  2. syndex says:

    Nope its not female keepers its just England keepers

  3. Sex God has no penis says:

    The goalkeeping is the only thing that ruins women’s football from being a genuinely competitive and interesting sport.

    Would it be wrong to suggest slightly smaller goals…? Something inside says I’d get slated for suggesting such a thing.

  4. wallster says:

    i agree, not necessarily smaller, I just say shorter in height by about a foot say, because it is simply a biological fact that that women are shorter than men (again dont slate me for saying that) and those goals are designed for a 6ft4 plus goalkeeper. The header that England scored for example was simply placed too high for anybody to reach.

  5. Hasselhof says:

    @syndex,HAH! beat me to it friend.

  6. Tom Jones says:

    Rubbish keeper. She is short yes but she can still jump or raise her arms can’t she?

  7. Solihull United says:



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