AC Milan Train In Beijing Ahead Of Italian Super Cup (Photos)

Chris Wright

3rd, August 2011


By Chris Wright

A few snaps of AC Milan training at the Olympic Sports Centre in Beijing ahead of their Italian Super Cup match against Inter Milan in the Chinese capital on Saturday.

Alessandro Nesta’s face, last photo – that’s all we’re saying…

After having the audacity to hassle a crabby Ibra straight off the plane, everyone in this photo woke up the next day in the trauma ward at Beijing Hospital

Unbeknownst to him, Robinho is injected with a tracking device by the Chinese military

“Right lads, we’re going to start with a few little mincing bunny hops”

Clarence Seedorf can’t quite decide if he’s just seen Jesus Quintana from the Big Lebowski charge past him or not

“Robby, Man City are on the phone…”

Ever seen a duck do a seal impression?

“F**king ball, I will END you”

Just goalkeepers doing a whole bunch of goalkeeper-y things

Tell Rino that Joe Jordan’s been spotted making his way out of the tunnel and see the shuttle run records start to tumble

Ibra resists the urge to put four or five yellow cones into a coma

“Me? The 13th Duke of Cinecitta? Here? In a sixth form girl’s dormitory? At three o’clock in the morning? With my reputation?”

Photos: PA