Just Depressing: Portsmouth’s Teamsheet For Pre-Season Friendly vs AFC Wimbledon…

Chris Wright

1st, August 2012


By Chris Wright

A bit of (incredibly) light reading: Penniless and playerless Pompey’s teamsheet for their upcoming pre-season friendly against AFC Wimbledon…

We can just hear the stadium announcer now: “In goal for Portsmouth, No. 1… Oh Christ, hang on…”

Speaking of Portsmouth, this is what the ‘First Team Squad Profiles’ section on their official website looks like at the moment…

Suppose they could always start a 5-a-side team.

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  1. drags says:

    Is that No7 on their site a pic of old Robbie Savage? looking good son!

  2. thisISben says:

    Drags: haha I believe that’s Liam Lawrence

  3. chatham red says:

    That looks like one of my old panini football sticker albums.

  4. skuyps says:

    And to rub salt in the wounds, AFC Wimbledon assistant manager is named Cash

  5. SonicCartel says:

    I guess Appleton’ll go for a 0-0-0 formation then…

  6. Paul Kirkland says:

    They’re trying to get rid of all of their players so they can go through some new financial plan thing. Their deadline is 10 August

  7. PompeyVA says:

    Yeah, have until the 10th to offload all of our players or getting liquidated. There are two bids on the table currently, one by the former owner (who may or may not have ever invested money and may or may not have pushed us into this situation) and one by the Supporters Trust. It’s really ugly. :(

  8. Del says:

    This is just sad to see. I hope everything gets sorted out and they can survive at the very least.

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