Definitely The Last Thing You Want To See Upon Walking Into QPR’s Dressing Room…

Chris Wright

6th, January 2012


By Chris Wright

Oh! Excuse me, I’ll…err…leave you guys to it…


The look on Warnock’s face as he stares at the small of Barton’s back. Harrowing.

[Photo: @DKDickson]

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  1. Paul says:

    Warnock seems to be a rather well endowed fellow if Barton’s expression is anything to go by. I smell a sexual harassment lawsuit, or that could be chloroform

  2. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Personally I think all players should be barred from making interviews, they just make themselves look like complete ass-tards let alone the managment, the club and their fans. Whatever happen to players just playing and not talking to the media every other second.

  3. ArchbishopBettySnagcock says:

    oh come on they’re just laughing at themselves nothing wrong with that

  4. Dont worry says:

    Mr. Sparkle why cant you just alow some fun!

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