Squatters Invade Joey Barton’s House, Given ‘Full Marks For Audacity’ Then Threatened With Animal Warfare

Alan Duffy

14th, March 2012


By Alan Duffy

Poor old Joey Barton. As well as having to contend with QPR’s freefall into the drop-zone, football’s Nathan Barley has just had his house invaded by squatters.

The reformed bad-boy is currently renting a place in west London while his house is being renovated. But while the builders were no doubt ‘on a break’, a gang of free-loaders broke in and changed the locks.

The Smiths-loving media node Tweeted the bad news to his cyber-followers, saying:

“Just heard the news some squatters broke into my house last night and changed the locks. The cheeky b*******.”

“Whoever they are, I hope they’re f****** fast runners. For sheer audacity, I have to give them 10/10. Luckily for them, I’m trying to give up violence…..#jammyb*******.”

Later the midfielder revealed that the squatters, whoever they were, had left the property rather quickly, Tweeting:

“Squatter issue over and fully sorted.”

“Might go to nearest pet shop and purchase 20 tarantulas, 20 snakes and as many rat as I can get my hands on, pop them through letter box. Then we’ll see who the clever one is. Be warned squatters, your time is up.”

Maybe Neil Warnock has lost the plot and is stalking all his former QPR player in a crazed campaign of (misplaced) revenge?

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  1. QPR says:

    So, the unwanted turn up that shouldnt be there and wreak havoc and lower the tone of the place?

    sums up his time as a QPR player.

  2. Arsenesbrasso says:

    Being a life long pedant I’d like to point out that Joey’s proposed remedy to his squatter problem amounts to a breach of s1(3) of the Protection from Eviction Act 1977.

  3. Igor von Chudbucket III says:

    Wouldnt the snakes eat all of the rats rather quickly? And possibly the spiders too.

    Not too clever there, Barton.

  4. Fletch says:

    Surely Barton being the Leftwing Revolutionary that he is, he would think that all property is theft anyway?

    Unless he doesnt actually know what most of his twitter quotes mean and he copied and pasted them from another website.

  5. Al says:

    News: Squatters take over Joey Bartons house

    “No one should have to live with scum like that”

    Said the squatters as they left

  6. JLBK says:

    “Football’s Nathan Barley” baahahaha well played. Keep it foolish, Joey Barton.

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