‘People Had Agendas, I No Longer Knew Who Was On My Side’ – Harry Redknapp Farts Out More Excuses For Leaving QPR In The Sh*t

Chris Wright

10th, April 2015


By Chris Wright

The official party line was that he was leaving to undergo emergency surgery on an acute knee problem that had coincidentally flared up just at the point QPR were busy failing to take a single away point under his command, but it seems that brave Harry Redknapp was merely using his physical condition as a smokescreen when he resigned the very day after being told he wasn’t allowed to bring in Carlton Cole, Matt Jarvis, Aaron Lennon and Emmanuel Adebayor on transfer deadline day.

For you see, there were dark forces conspiring against him in the shadows at Loftus Road – deceitful tides he could only swim against for so long, what with his bad knee and all.

Wibbling on in an interview with BBC Sport (which is set to air in full on Football Focus tomorrow), poor Redknapp wobbled:

“It had descended into a soap opera. I always thought I had everyone pulling with me and suddenly I felt some were and some weren’t.

“Behind the scenes, I always thought there were one or two people with their own agendas.”

Maybe they were trying to come up with a plot to pare down the ridiculous £90million wage bill he’d amassed? Who knows.

As well as his gammy knee, Redknapp also claims he was being “worn down” by the incessant rumours surrounding his position at Loftus Road.

“There was talk about Tim Sherwood coming in. QPR was in the paper every day. I’ve been at lots of other clubs, big clubs as well where you didn’t get that.

“That got on my nerves. That was the big problem for me.

“As soon as we lost a few games, it would begin. I always thought there was someone mischievous causing it. I’d never had that before at any club I’d been at.

“I didn’t see the teams below us getting the same sort of headlines every other week. It wore me down a little bit.”

Poor lamb.

Good job he got out when he did then – which, if you recall, was with QPR second-bottom of the league and looking odds-on to be relegated.

In short, “Harry Houdini” did his disappearing act again. Jumping from a sinking ship just before the masthead disappeared beneath the waves.

Seriously, how can anyone have any goodwill left for this slippery, self-pitying revisionist weasel?

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  1. Bob says:

    If there were people pulling against him with their own agendas then as manager it’s HIS JOB to sort that out! If the person above him, ie the chairman had a different agenda, then it’s his job to have the same agenda.

    Plus, the rumours were obviously correct, and maybe they were circulating because he’s well known to leave a trail of destruction and jump ship when it gets tough.


  2. Geraldo says:

    The most successful failure in English football. In fact, that description of him should be copyrighted.

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