Snapshot: QPR Suck-Up Joey Barton Caught Reading Neil Warnock’s Autobiography

Chris Wright

21st, September 2011


By Chris Wright

Submitted for your perusal, Joey Barton leafing through Neil Warnock’s autobiography ‘Made In Sheffield’ (“The f**king referee’s only gone an gi’ ’em a penalty when the lad’s gone down in the box like a f**king Jessie. I gave ‘im a piece of my nauseatingly no-nonsense Northern mind in the tunnel afterwards. Called ‘im a complete f**king c**t!”٭٭) during QPR’s long journey home from Wolverhampton at the weekend – the little suck-up…

Not that Barton is the first to have pretended to read Warnock’s weighty tome – Tony Fernandes read it before it was popular…

Just let us know when these QPR Twitter photos start to grate, something tells us we’re in for a steady stream over the course of the season – especially considering how much Joey Barton, Jay Bothroyd, SWP, Dudley Junior Campbell et al LOVE DA BANTA!!!

Image: @jaybothroyd

(٭٭ may or may not be an actual excerpt from Neil Warnock’s autobiography)