Caption This: Jose Mourinho Lurks In Camp Nou Car-Park To ‘Chat’ With Referee Teixeira

Chris Wright

27th, January 2012


By Chris Wright

Massive thanks to Pies’ fan Nick Sincere for bringing this photo to our attention – Jose Mourinho lurking menacingly in the shadows of the underground car-park at the Camp Nou with the express intent of having ‘a little chat’ with referee Fernando Teixeira after his questionable performance during Wednesday night’s El Clasico farrago…

Pies says: “Lets see how you like arse-prints on your paintwork Fernando, there isn’t a bottle of Turtle Wax in the world that could buff out these babies!”

You say?

(According to El Mundo Deportivo, Mou actually barked: “You are now going to smoke a cigar and laugh, without any shame!” – how pithy)