Cristiano Ronaldo Is More Selfish Than Lionel Messi, Claims Study By Spanish University

Ollie Irish

9th, April 2010


By Ollie Irish

I’m getting the words… Gay Chat

A study of C-Ron and Leo, conducted by the University of Coruna in Spain, has revealed some interesting stats:

• More than 80% of Barcelona’s passing moves involve Messi, compared to 60% in the case of Ronaldo and Real Madrid. Conclusion: Messi is more influential and more of a team player. Ronaldo tends to go it alone more often.

• Messi is slightly quicker over short distances – the Argentine hit speeds of up to 20km/h over the first five metres (18km/h was Ronaldo’s top speed). But over longer distances, Ronaldo has the edge, with a top speed of 30km/h over the 12-16m range (Messi reached 28km/h).

• When dribbling, Messi takes more touches than Ronaldo. I.e. Messi’s control is tighter, whereas the longer-striding Ronaldo tends to push the ball out in front of him.

• In dead-ball situations, Ronaldo (119km/h) has a faster shot than Messi (just 95km/h).

Interesting stuff. The study also concluded that in terms of running with the ball, Ron and Leo are the two quickest players of all time. I can believe that.

However, the study didn’t mention which player is faster to get to the changing-room mirror after a match. We give that one to C-Ron, no contest.

Via AS