Real Madrid Accuse Barcelona Of Racism – Did Busquests Call Marcelo ‘Monkey’? (With Video)

By Chris Wright

Sweet baby Jesus, the fallout from last week’s Champions League ‘Crass-ico’ (ahem) is getting ugly – with Real Madrid now openly accusing Barcelona of racially abusing their players after a video circulated that appeared to show Sergio Busquets (who else?) calling Marcelo  ‘mono’ – Spanish for ‘monkey’ – from behind his cupped hand…

Both clubs lodged formal complaints with UEFA about one another after the ill-tempered fixture, though the governing body threw out both claims – though Jose Mourinho was handed a touchline ban for sarcastically applauding Pepe’s dismissal.

Speaking at a press conference today, Real assistant Aitor Karanka told the gathered media:

“Tomorrow’s match has been overshadowed by UEFA’s resolution – it’s on another plane now.

“We have been punished but there are [Barca] players who didn’t respect the principles of fair play or who made racist insults, covering their mouths, who will be on the pitch tomorrow.”

Predictions for tomorrow night’s game? Blood.

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  1. Barca is a classless out fit and Busquets seems to be their queen-bitch.

  2. TravisKOP says:

    Jesus neither of these two teams have shown even a HINT of class lately, they are soiling what little dignity they have left with this 5 year old sibling tit for tat bullshit. What the FUCK is happening to football, I feel like the football world is imploding on itself with all this finger pointing, annoying dives and cheeky tackles (many of which are malicious), footy fans attacking teams, and managers verbally attacking refs at every call that goes the other way.

    whats worse is no matter how much they try and regulate this foul and poor behavior the football governing bodies seem to just keep losing authority with them, its like everyone in the world is going crazy!
    Its a sad day for football. . .

  3. Rich says:

    this is what mourinho wants, even if busquets didn’t say it (im on the fence when looking at it tbh) the majority of people will believe it and bit by bit Barcelona’s ‘mes que un club’ is compromised. This leads to doubt amongst barca’s fans and the rhetoric of ‘us against the world’ with madrid’s fans, and it is only the fans that can close the gap between madrid and barca and mourinho knows this.

    whats funny though is that pep, messi and xaviesta are so good that even this may not be enough

  4. David Allison says:

    @TravisKOP – Read the “Football at its very worse” article on Fanhouse UK ( – or click the link on the right, under “Pies Spots). It makes light of the current negativity and provides a quite positive outlook on it all.

  5. Soccer Professional says:

    This Busquets guy needs a ban from world soccer.

    A shameless player and a terrible example to little leaguers everywhere.

    Poor show Barcelona, as per usual.

  6. Malcom X says:

    I don’t like Real’s tactics in trying anything they possibly can to upset Barca and get them suspended but the FACT is a player called another player a monkey and should be banned. It’s pretty simple, there is video evidence, why are UEFA again doing fuck all.

    Both teams have shown their ugly side in the past week but there is no way you can condone racism, ban him.

    I know people always say it but if it had been an English team involved there would have been an instant ban and rightly so.

    Barca can fuck off, diving pricks.

  7. wolfusa says:

    my prediction—pain. 2-1 barca. as far as busquets goes, he’s trash and i hope he gets his comeuppance sooner rather than later. i remember when barca was cool because they had a diverse, international team (a cameroonian taking a pass from a brazilian, who took a pass from an icelander?). that was under rijkaard. now with pep, it’s all la masia and “home-grown” talent.

  8. pooky says:

    “It’s pretty simple, there is video evidence, why are UEFA again doing fuck all.”

    For the same reason that he hasn’t been given a ban for the whole face-grabbing fiasco – the blue and red stripes on his shirt. Same with Alves’ near-fatal, yet immediately recoverable injury, the imaginary card-waving and Valdes leaving his box to help crowd the referee.

    That Real were almost as bad doesn’t mean they should escape censure, but at least Pique, Puyol, Messi & Villa seem capable of behaving themselves – which is over a third of the team!

  9. solihullunited says:

    busquets may be an uprising young bucket of talent but we should really focus on his acting & diving talents

  10. TheBrownOne says:

    I don’t know, I look at his mouth and it doesn’t look like he’s saying mono to me.

    He has clearly been an idiot lately, and probably does deserve to be banned for his antics last match. I’m not defending him here, I’m just saying that it doesn’t look like that’s what he said.

    I feel like as of late their has been a lot of finger pointing and a lot of he said she said going on and it’s got to stop cause it’s ruining our beautiful game.

  11. alex says:

    yeah, as much as i want him to have said it and then get banned… it doesn’t look like he said it at all. if anything it looks like momo… i dont know if that means anything

  12. LilyCanada says:

    Disgusting… my view on Barca has totally changed since the last game.

  13. Chris also says:

    Guardiola might as well have confirmed the racism accusation today. When asked about the supposed racist comment he didn’t deny what was said but instead said that, “…mistakes were made. It won’t happen again.” When asked again about the incident he said that it was up to the UEFA to judge and punish – it’s not up to him to decide. It isn’t?! So apparently he doesn’t think he needs to punish one of his players for blatant racism on the pitch?!
    I have lost all respect for him.

  14. VA Red says:

    I don’t understand how this serves as convincing evidence. To everyone who doesn’t know Spanish “mono” is monkey and “mano” is hand soooo how can you tell he’s saying mono? It honestly makes sense for him to be saying mano as well as his dive prior to this vid was the result of Busquets claiming Marcelo hit him in the face with his hand (mano!).

    Doesn’t change the fact that Busquets is a disgrace though with his theatrics and his nasty ability to con refs.

  15. RedSkywalker says:

    @Dusan Zorovic Agreed

  16. Anonymous says:

    @David Allison: great article man, good spot, the writer does a very good job at summing it all up and giving us a bit of hope at the end of it.

  17. evan says:

    “I don’t understand how this serves as convincing evidence.”

    You don’t’ yell out hand while covering your mouth. You yell out monkey while covering your mouth. Simple.

    FIFA has to take action but they won’t due to the colours the players wear and teh evident political and monetry corruption rife in world football.

    Ban buesquets, pedro and mascherano from teh final and i can almost guarantee you wont’ see face grabbing antics in the CL again.

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