Celtic Taunt Rangers, Unfurl Huge ‘HMRC’ Banner vs Hibernian

Chris Wright

20th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

As you’ll no doubt be aware, Rangers are currently in administration to the tune of a £50-odd million tax bill and, safe to say, Celtic are bloody loving it – hence this impressively large HMRC banner, that was unfurled during the Bhoys’ 5-0 spanking of Hibernian at Easter Road on Saturday…

Yes, the taunt is a simple one – but once you consider the dedicated man hours that must have gone into making a banner of that sheer size (let alone the relatively complex design) it becomes all the more remarkable. It’s first class as footballing banners go.

This, altogether less jovial banner also got rolled out during the Hibs game…

Think we prefer the first effort, it’s less…harsh.

While we’re on the subject, just who is it that spends their entire week preparing things like this for a few minutes of pay-off come Saturday afternoon? The mind boggles.

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  1. MessiBalls says:

    Usual footie banter. If the shoe was on the other foot the favour would be returned.

    Cracking big Jersey

  2. usrick says:

    It’s not the few minutes on Saturday that makes it worth the time and effort – it’s the immortality of having your work featured on Pies.

  3. Dusty says:

    We’re having a party as the huns die!!

    Good riddance to the most vile, bigoted, backwards club that has ever been.

    Only hope the bitter animals that follow them let their sectarianism die along with their club. Time to move on, crawl out from under your rocks and out of your caves, get off the benefits, brush your teeth and make a fist at joining the rest of the evolved human race.

    Glory, Glory! What a hell of a way to die!!! :D

  4. AGGIB says:

    Sweaty socks are kidding themselves. Those not supporting Rangers are no doubt in glee – as I would be at the demise of Liverpool, City, Leeds – well I am in the last case ….

    But in such a poor SPL where two teams have fought hammer and tongue for supremacy for 20 years plus – minus the Fergie years – how do Celtic gain from this ?????
    Scottish football was tribal & exciting but at the same time of poor quality.
    However now …. it is now offically DEAD !

  5. WildScotsman6 says:

    I’m loving every minute of this. Even better as Rangers never-surrender attitude came out, 51,000 showing up to their home game to show their true spirit… and then getting beat 1-0!!! hahahaha, you can’t write this stuff!!! LOVE IT!!

    P.S. – Celts would gain from this through a move the EPL, I’d love it. We’d even start in the low league and work our way up. Everybody wins in this scenario. Chris, tell the world, this needs to happen!!

  6. supa phil says:

    it’s funny because if rangers fail, celtic will, too. the only thing those two clubs do more than hate each other is need each other.

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