‘It Must Be Very Hard For Colonel Gaddafi’ – El Hadji Diouf Sympathises With Despotic Libyan Nutjob

Chris Wright

19th, April 2011


By Chris Wright

You can probably expect the following quotes to be flatly refuted by lunchtime but, according to the Daily Record, Rangers forward and all round loveable tyke El Hadji Diouf has spoken to an Algerian newspaper of his respect for Colonel Gaddafi…yes, that Colonel Gaddafi, i.e, the frothing despot that is currently driving Libya into the ground.

The Record quote Diouf as saying:

“Colonel Gaddafi is a man I have always admired. I am telling the truth. I know him, and I know his son Saif well. They are my friends.

“I do not honestly know what is really happening in Libya at the moment but it must be very hard for Gaddafi and his family.”

Yep, things sure are tough over at the Gaddafi place at the minute, though perhaps not quite as tough as in the string of Libyan townships that the quirky old Colonel has single-handedly destroyed by way of massacring his way through the civilian population over the course of the past few months.

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  1. Montesquieu says:

    If genius was taxed, Diouf would never need to worry.

  2. Sultan says:

    What a knob….geeze…this guy has been trying to be on the spotlight lately..stupid !

  3. Plums says:

    Diouf has a warm soul, and seems to have a level head, right?

  4. St Michael says:

    Diouf is an utter asshole.

  5. RedSkywalker says:

    @Montesquieu brilliant!

  6. habib says:

    Diouf is right, the problem in the world is hypocracy

  7. habib says:

    any man who loves imperialism will hate people like Gaddafi and its vice versa to somebody who hate imperialism. What is happening in Bahrain, in Yemen, what happened in Saudi, in Jordan, and the response of the world disturbs. The world hyped every single issue in Libya. Let the right side winn but its clear there is a hidden agenda over Libyan issue, and this will have negative impact to arm race. I dont think North Korea will ever abandon the nuclear program, and many states will keep on, in 1989 chinese killed how many students, why the world never attacked China. If Gaddafi was having strong military arsenal no body could have dared to attack him. Gaddafi yes is not good by standard but even the ruling family of Bahrain, so the question is why the harry to talk of illigitimacy of colonel Gaddafi

  8. MARK says:

    Stick to football boys, leave the geopolitics and conflict commentary to the pros.

    Fuckin idiots.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Minds alike…

  10. Phil says:

    Minds alike I suppose…

  11. RyanSSL says:

    Yeah lets leave it to the pros! They are doing such a great job in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

  12. trueblue says:

    diouf has really said nothing just what you muppets are trying to read into in he did say he doesnt know whos wrong or right so hes not going on nobodys side Montesquieu this bit for you …..its better not to argue with an idiot theyll bring you down to thier level and beat you with their experience

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