Snapshot: Celtic Manager Neil Lennon Attacked On The Touchline (With Video)

Chris Wright

12th, May 2011


By Chris Wright

It sure as scheisse ain’t easy being Neil Lennon at the moment, just ask the poor, defenceless waterbottles at the Caledonian Stadium…

Lennon was attacked by a moronic Hearts fan, who made his way from behind the advertising hoardings and attempted to swing a haymaker at the Celtic manager during the Hoops’ 3-0 victory at Tynecastle last night…

The track-suited twunt was then marched up the tunnel and arrested for his troubles. A fine evening’s work.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Pic1: Yes!!! so close!!
    Pic2: Almost there!
    Pic3: So close. maybe i can still knock him…
    Pic4: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! no!
    Pic5: DAMN IT!!!

  2. Sex God says:

    lol lennon was about to knock his lights out before the coppers stepped in

  3. Dusty says:

    Filthy scum. Look at the state of him. Typical hun.

    How much more will Lennon have to put up with before widespread condemnation comes from the SFA, Rangers, fellow managers and professionals, UEFA/FIFA.

    Something needs to be done before it’s to be done before it’s too late. For too long anti-Irish bigotry in Scotland has been dismissed.

    I’m just hearing now that Lennon has been sent ANOTHER death threat and a suspicious package has been found by police outside Celtic Park.

    This evil must end NOW.

  4. Hmmm.. says:

    Hey, is he wearing a Yankee cap?

  5. jocky bhoy says:

    Thommo’s stepping up – the mini-Hun was lucky Mjallby wasn’t close.

    You’ll never walk alone Lennie.

    Joking aside, the level of abuse aimed at Lennon and McGeady around Scotland, the bullets sent to McGinn and McCourt as well as Lennon, Artur Boruc being censured for “agressively” blessing himself whilst at Celtic, show this isn’t just about Lennon or even just Rangers, it’s Scottish society. Scratch the surface and smell the stench…

  6. Geordie says:

    No one should be subjected to what has happened to Lennon, however not everyone who hates him or dislikes him is a bigot. He is just an annoying little man with a chip on both shoulders.

    It is a disgraceful thing to happen, no fan should invade the pitch. Remember the fan who was jailed yesterday for making monkey noises at El Hadj Diouff, the fan who tried to assault the Milan keeper, the fan who assaulted Dallas, the fan who tried to attack Ally Maxwell, the fan who attacked Strachan when he was an Aberdeen player, the morons who damaged Nacho Novo’s house and car and the fans who smashed Dallas’ house window. Yeh it is pretty obvious it is all against Celtic and Celtic fans do nothing wrong.

  7. Mike says:

    hearts are a vile institution with the second most bigoted support in Scotland, not a suprise at all that this happened there. The abuse that Celtic’s Irish Catholic players take at Swinecastle is absolutely disgusting and I hope the club is docked points and fined heavily for what was an incredible lack of security.

    Although it seems like the obvious thing to do Hearts haven’t apologized to Lennon yet which is a bit disturbing because Campbell Ogilvie who is in charge of their boardroom is next in line to take over the SFA. It only seems reasonable that he should apologize to the opposing manager who was attacked because of Hearts lack of security.

  8. timthedon says:

    Geordie your point is well taken but idiots will be idiots and every support has some like the guy who abused el hadj diouf but if he was jailed shouldnt the entire rangers support be jailed for singing racist songs such as the famine song which are now defined as a hate crime in Scotland? but in addition to the fact that some of the things you mention, Such as the Strachan assault are near ancient history none of those things come remotely close to sending a bomb intended to kill someone through the mail or sending celtic players and their manager bullets in the post.

  9. Mike says:

    Geordie your point is very weak, the rap sheet that you list against Celtic involves actions of moronic idiots, idiots that exist in every single support.

    Although the attack on Lennon was done by one individual it is the culture of hate that exists in Scotland and especially Tynecastle and Ibrox that makes attacks like these likely. I’m not saying Celtic fans are squeaky clean but Parkhead is not the home of institutional bigotry where thousands upon thousands abuse individuals because of their religion or the country they were born in. Not everyone who hates Neil Lennon is a bigot but most of them are because sadly Scotland is a very bigoted country

    I would be more likely to agree with your points if Lennon hadn’t been attacked on several occassions and sent bombs and bullets in the post recently. You try to play off the problems of a significant percentage of society as equal to the actions of a few idiot Celtic fans. Also you can take the attack on the Milan keeper off your list, the fan tapped him and went off to celebrate with the Celtic players, hardly the same thing as throwing a haymaker.

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