The Football Snapshot: Antonio Cassano Makes Friends Fast At Milan

Ollie Irish

7th, January 2011


By Ollie Irish

Mad Tony Cassano gives team-mate Rodney Strasser a friendly squeeze in the sphincter zone, just seconds after Cassano had set up Strasser for Milan’s winner at Cagliari.

Bum love is the only language Cassano can speak that Strasser understands, apparently…

“Antonio is a friend, but when he speaks I cannot understand him,” Strasser revealed to La Gazzetta dello Sport. (NB. Strasser was the man on the end of Zlatan’s friendly roundhouse kick.)

“What’s more is I can speak three languages!” Strasser added.

You have to love Mad Tony and his thick Bari accent.

Strasser’s goal vs Cagliari:

Lovely assist by Cassano, eh.