Snapshot: Juventus Open New Stadium With Lavish Ceremony, Hold Notts County To A Draw

Chris Wright

9th, September 2011


By Chris Wright

Juventus cracked open their brand new, €120 million, 41,000-capacity eponymous stadium on the site of the old Stadio delle Alpi with a lavish ceremony in Turin last night…

The Old Lady then rounded out the night’s proceedings with a 1-1 draw against special guest opponents Notts County, i.e, the side that provided the Bianconeri with the inspiration to switch from their original pink strips to the their now-famous black and white stripes back in 1903…

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  1. tom says:

    1-1 notts county? LOL!

  2. JF96 says:

    Thought Juve would of built a bigger stadium than 41,000. especially for 120m. Is it just me or does anybody else hate Lee Hughes. Not only for his past but that celebration is stupid, does it after every goal he scores its got no meaning what so ever, just makes him look like a d**khead

  3. Viks53 says:

    Agree 41,000 seater seems slightly insufficient with such a popular team like Juventus.

  4. Chris says:

    @JF96 & Viks53: True, but whenever I saw them play at the Stadio delle Alpi it always looked half-empty anyway, with the ‘Curvas’ seperated by column after column of empty seats.

    Their thinking must be that a chock-full 40,000 seater stadium is going to create a much better/more intimidating atmosphere.

  5. Charlie Adam says:

    Beautiful stadium.

  6. RyanSSL says:

    41.000 is because most people in Turin are Torino fans. Juventus is the second team of Turin and is supported by a lot of Southern Italians and Southern Italian immigrants who moved to Turin for work at places like FIAT. Generally speaking people who are actually from the City of Turin support the Toro. Thus they lowed attendance for a better atmosphere. Juve could probably have double the crowd if they played in Southern Italy instead of Turin.

  7. alessandroSSL says:

    RyanSSL is right. Juventus, anyway, have lot of fans not only in Southern Italy but everywhere in Italy: Veneto and Lombardia (in spite of Milan and Inter), for exemple; and regions like Marche and Lazio too are full of Juventus fans.

  8. Andy says:

    Why not just 50,000 seater? The OCD in me hates 41,000

  9. Montesquieu says:

    No running track, that’s an improvement.

    Besides, the small amount of seating has a lot to do with lowering attendances at Serie A games. 41 K is a good round number to have. Enough for UEFA and FIFA classifications and not big enough to stand half empty and be a financial pit.

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