Rodrigo Palacio Scores Deft ‘Overhead Flick’ Volley vs Lazio, But Did He Mean It? (Video)

Chris Wright

8th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

On the day of his 30th birthday, Genoa’s Rodrigo Palacio (he of ‘abysmal rat-tail/Jedi bog chain’ horror hair fame) scored against Lazio on Sunday with an absurdly deft, over-the-shoulder flick at the near post that lobbed over the flapping Federico Marchetti and in at the far post.

Question is, did he mean it? Have a butcher’s and see what you think…

Did he mean it? Not in a month of Sundays, the jammy so and so! For our money, you can definitely file this one away under ‘speculative near-post flick-on goes incredibly well for Señor Palacio’!

For the record, Genoa won 3-2.

(Thanks to Pies fan Greg Evans for the nudge)