Del Piero Scores Brilliant Disguised Free Kick On 700th Juventus Appearance (Video)

Chris Wright

12th, April 2012


By Chris Wright

Alessandro Del Piero still has magic in them thar boots – as his brilliantly disguised free-kick winner against Lazio (Juventus are now one point clear of AC Milan at the top of Serie A) on his 700th appearance for the Old Lady last night will duly demonstrate…

I love him as much as is decent, and then a little bit more.

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  1. abhi_gooner says:

    Alessandro Del Piero – one of those few crown jewels of football. Will really miss him when he hangs his boots up.

  2. Mr Sensible says:

    Great player, can’t believe Juve are getting rid of him. Has anyone snatched him up for next season, with his experience he’d pretty much be useful for anyone.

  3. VBrian says:

    MLS is calling

  4. James says:

    I wanna give him a great big hug, Was told he wouldn’t be featured much this season and his contract would not be renewed at the end of the season, never kicked up a fuss and just got with it, and he’s still helping them out with the odd vital goal here and there.

  5. sloth says:

    This video doesn’t really show it, but what happened was he and Pirlo were standing over the ball, Pirlo turned to the ref to complain about the wall encroaching, and while he was talking to the ref Del Piero hit it.

    I don’t think Del Piero will leave in the summer, even though I’d love to see him come play for his buddy Steve Nash in Vancouver.

    And what about Pepe’s goal that game? Chest to overhead kick, worth a look.

  6. Jam says:

    So thats where Paul Visca went?

  7. mario says:

    i hope he stays another season
    he will be great support for the younger guys for champions league

  8. wolfinho says:

    class. pure and simple. would love to see him in the MLS, just to show the american players how soccer should be played. not that they could emulate the brilliance that a lifetime of commitment gets you, but maybe they could pass the message down to the young. i thought that was what beckham would do, but he spends most of his time filming commercials and sitting in at lakers games.

  9. Nuno says:

    Younger guys? Juventus are aiming to bring Seedorf and Nesta next year (end of contract) so I believe there will be lots of experience over there…

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