Football GIFs: Khedira & Reus Provide Double Scoop Of German Rocket Volleys vs Greece

Chris Wright

23rd, June 2012


By Chris Wright

The Germans scored a bevvy of beauts to trounce the Greeks last night, with a couple of scintillating volleys occurring along the way. First Sami Khedira burst past his man, got his shinpad firmly behind it and wolfed one past Michalis Sifakis…

Then Marco Reus one-upped him by planting a corker in off the bar…

Just loved how unnecessary Reus’ full-tilt finish was. He could have squared it or just side-footed it in on the bounce, but no – he chose ‘Option B’: “F**king leather it for I am THE VOLLEY GOD!”

GIFs: 101GG