Take That Psycho! Snubbed By Team GB, David Beckham Answers Critics With Trademark Free-Kick (Video)

Alan Duffy

2nd, July 2012


By Alan Duffy

Are you watching Stuart Pearce! (or something). Summoning all his frustration and injustice at missing out on Team GB in one direct free-kick, old Golden Balls pulled out one of his trademark bendy efforts for LA Galaxy recently against San Jose Earthquakes.

The tattooed megastar has now bagged three goals and five assists this season, which isn’t to shabby.

Watch the superb dead-ball effort here and weep for Beckham over his Team GB snub.

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  1. aaron says:


  2. Rob says:

    I was there, apart from that you would have no idea he was on the pitch.
    The level is just awful, if he can’t stand out in that then he has no place in a game with the top under 23’s in the world.
    And he got into a fight with the San Jose Earthquakes mascot at the final whistle.

  3. Fnarf says:

    The real champion free kick was the one he delivered late in the game, that hit the referee as he bent over an injured player when the ball was whistled dead. Yellow card for that one; should have been straight red, and will probably earn him a nice three game suspension so he can watch GB lose on television. Really, a world class hissy fit at the end there.

  4. Harry Redknapp says:

    Nice shiner there on the keeper! what the hell happened there!

  5. Bear says:


    Were you watching the same game? He showed a lack of hustle at times, but his crosses were perfect, moved the ball well, and did enough considering the game lacked a whole lot of midfield at times.

    However, in agreement with the other point, he did act quite spoiled toward the end of the game and afterwards. Pretty childish.

  6. C says:

    What you Beckham lovers seem to miss out on when you are gushing from every orifice is that he misses 99/100 free kicks. Sure, when he gets one in it’s world class, but don’t ignore the ones he puts in the parking lot. Hypocrites.

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