Barcelona’s Under 11s Are Already Better Than You (Video)

By Chris Wright

Here we see Barcelona’s U11 side taking on Arsenal a month or two ago, playing them off the park with some lovely possession football and pretty much kicking your dreams of still being scouted by a professional club squarely in the crotch as you approach your late, late twenties…

They’ve even got their own pre-planned goal celebrations for Christ’s sake.

*Sigh* I coulda had class, I coulda been a contender.


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  1. NathanM says:

    A shameful microcosm of English coaching when all I can here is a Cockney screaming ‘Get back’, ‘Mark’ and ‘Get in there’.

  2. Mr. Chopper says:

    Not better than me at growing pubes though so, technically, I WIN.

  3. macd says:

    Well this is depressing, now I know I never had a chance haha. Looks like barca are going to be on top for quite some time. Look at the pass at 11 mins 11 seconds

  4. mr mofongo says:

    and that’s only barcelona USA. just imagine how the real barcelona U11 squad would play

  5. futballsznob says:

    Nice vid, but these teams are not the Barcelona and Arsenal we all know, but some youth develepment clubs from the USA. Barca’s game still impressive though, their coaches must be doing something right. Probably with the help of Barcelona proper, as their site says they have some kinda connection with the Catalans.

  6. Gargantuan Garth says:

    But how would they fair at stoke on a rainy tuesday night?! trust me this ‘passing’ malarky will be rendered obsolete in a few years, its just a fad like furbies or pokemon. the game just needs to remember the beauty of no nonsense football, i say appoint chris morgan head of english coaches, i assure you other countries will soon follow our lead.

  7. Yank says:

    This is not the real Barcelona team. This is a Southern California team, full of Americans who play under the Barca style. These are actually Americans playing dominating soccer.

  8. Bruts says:

    Neither are the real teams making the video misleading. Doesnt take away from the fact that they play good football but im not sure they are as good as they are being made out to be.

  9. jayjay says:

    Typical English coach screaming putting the fear of life into the kids….No wonder England are sooo poor at football…Thank God for technical teams like Barca showing how to play and ENJOY football….Viva The Beautiful Game

  10. Gargantuan Garth says:

    Just noticed the arsenal fc coach moronically shouting at the kids. ‘get back Matthew!!!’ as Matthew sprints back as fast as he can. so bad it sounds like its a pre recorded and added in for our entertainment.

  11. mareantheone says:

    that is impressive, but i wouldn’t want future football to be 50% passing the ball back.

  12. LunaVC says:

    nathan is right, this shows everything wrong with English football. I play for an Ex-Pat team in Canada and our last match I played we were 1-0 up and we had players on the sidelines not even subs, injured, and they were screaming directions at us. sometimes 3 different people screaming 3 different sets of instructions. Anyway, then we lost heavily and threw the game away.

    England will never win a big tournament if we don’t get rid of the mouthy Dad on the sideline culture. Let the team play football, it’s not bloody FIFA 2012 you can’t control the players, Most of the time they can’t hear a word you’re screaming.

  13. Brosef says:

    Lots of cockney accents in SoCo, brooosss

  14. johnnyauto says:

    Goal line technology–

    It would have eliminated all debate surrounding the third goal.

  15. az says:

    Jesus …

  16. Graham says:

    While it’s great to see U11s playing that well, all the coach has done is blind-copy Barcelona.

    Reading his blog posts, his tirades consist of a lot of wanking on about how great Spain/Barca are, criticizing the US system, and yammering on about his successes.

    In short: pretty video, but everything surrounding it is shite.

  17. Nick says:

    FFS, these are American teams in Southern California like Yank stated. Do your fucking research, it’s not that difficult. Not only is the team American, they aren’t even an official academy of FC Barcelona.

    @MrMofongo that’s only Barcelona USA? This team makes a trip to Barcelona’s Academy each year and not only do they compete, they’ve managed to show up the official Barca Academy team. They beat them 4-1 in 2010, tied 2-2 in 2011, and beat them again 5-4 in 2012.

    This is also the club that Ben Lederman came from. The first American to sign with La Masia.

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