Mathieu Flamini reminds Arsenal fans of his quality with wonder goal for Milan

Ollie Irish

14th, January 2010


By Ollie Irish

As a Spurs fan, of course I always love it when former Arsenal players remind Gooners of their quality – especially the ones, like Flamini, who were let go in their prime (before it, even).

So here’s ‘Flammers’, or whatever nickname he was given by the Arsenal-supporting, espresso-sipping Justins who dwell in Islington (‘Matty’ is more likely), scoring a rather fine strike for Milan against lowly Novara – a third division side – in the Coppa Italia:

Nice. Even nicer for Spuds like me. The goal earned Milan a 2-1 win and progress to the QFs of the Italian Cup. Go Matty.


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  1. spectator says:

    what they’ll do is, they’ll wait until he’s 35 and then sign him again.


  2. Terry says:

    What a sad bunch of mugs spurs fans are, concentrate on your own team and stop talking about Arsenal all the time.

  3. WGC Goon says:

    “when former Arsenal players remind Gooners of their quality – especially the ones, like Flamini, who were let go in their prime (before it, even)”

    Name one ex-Arsenal player in recent times that’s gone on to better himself at another club. As for Flamini, I’m surpised he’s actually getting a game.

    Don’t now how you can knock Islington, Tottenham is THE biggest shit-hole in London.


  4. Joe Kiarie says:

    Thanx Spurs fans for being Arsenal”s forever

  5. Jesus says:

    Hahaha, Ollie. Not too subtle a wind-up this time but really. You’re highlighting a goal he scored against a 3rd DIVISION SIDE? Those are the only kinds of games he starts in nowadays.

    His career has gone so far off track that he’s even being linked with Spurs in the papers. Now THAT’s sad.

  6. samsun says:

    wat sad git ur spurs fans are

  7. joeygunz says:

    dont worry about those spuds there just upset to see cambell resign for us, i think its a really good move by wenger as his defensive knowledge would be good for our up and coming defenders like Bartley, gibbs,Gilbert,and traore.
    good luck in the future tiny totts, you guys never should have sacked goerge graham.

  8. lololol says:

    i love how tottenham ALWAYS talk about arsenal… come to think of it they have always been below us. they wish they had champions league football. they arent even in the europa cup so whats the point in champions league they wouldnt be able to compete buy all the players you liek you aint getting anywhere :)

  9. Ollie says:

    Jesus, it’s always nice to meet a Gooner with a personality. You win. As for the rest of you parrots, relax.

  10. addis ethiopia says:

    ohhhhhh….. mathieu…. lool

    didnt u see aron ramsey( not lennon)? we don need mathieu…..

  11. crazy150 says:

    Ya, remember another ex-Arsenal player who scored a wonder goal and yet still can’t get a regular game in his current club? Hint: he has a rat-face and the second worst haircut on the squad.

    Flamini was a great player for a season, and most gooners wish he would have stayed. He was upset at Arsenal b/c he was used as a fullback but wanted to play as a mid. It’s ironic that he’s playing fullback for Milan. Song is just as good or better than Flamini was so he’s not terribly missed.

  12. joke says:

    you do realize arsenal didn’t want to let him go right? he left on his own accord, and slaughtered his career in the process, when you leave arsenal, your never the same player… ever, only success stories are anelka and ashley cole

  13. Mart says:

    Quality! Don’t worry about your own team at all, mock the Gooners for a player who left after one (admittedly very good year) from 4.

    Oh, and Spurs have been linked to him. £60000 a week. Good luck :)

    Mart (Gooner, from London)

  14. George91 says:

    Wow, you Arsenal fans are really pathetic… first one “idiot” actually believes Campbell is a good signing? Haha that’s hilarious the guy can barely run and has been signed for a club “challenging” for the title, pathetic. Oh and you say whenever a player leaves Arsenal he isn’t the same? That’s why Wenger wanted to sign Viera in the summer… what’s the excuse for that? Blame Spurs coz that’s the only thing you’re team is good at….. “OMG ARSENAL GOT DOMINATED BY UNITED, IT’S TOTTENHAM’S FAULT!” Come of it.

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