Obstruction! Hammarby’s Jan Gunnar Solli Shown Yellow Card For Attempting Classic Playground Dribbling Tactic (Video)

Chris Wright

16th, April 2014


By Chris Wright

Hammarby pulverised Degerfors in the Swedish Superettan last night, winning 5-0 and closing out the game in comfort – maybe a little too much comfort.

Five goals up and cruising, Hammarby midfielder Jan Gunnar Solli picked up one of the weirdest yellow cards we’ve seen in a long while when, in an attempt to wriggle past a Degerfors defender, the Norwegian quickly stuffed the ball up inside his shirt and waltzed on by – a dribbling manoeuvre favoured by playground chancers the world over.

Sadly, the referee wasn’t impressed at the ingenuity on show and duly administered Solli with a caution for obstruction…

Nice try kid, but no cigar!

(Via 101GG)