Slide Show: Hungarian Lower League Player Makes Truly Spectacular Entrance Ahead Of Eger’s 2-2 Draw With Felsotarkany (Video)

Chris Wright

7th, November 2017

Image: Eger TV/Youtube

If you’re wondering quite what the heck is going on in the image above then rest assured, we have absolutely no idea either.

All we can tell you is that you’re looking at Barna Busai, a 33-year-old midfielder by trade, descending from the dressing rooms to the pitch ahead of Eger’s 2-2 draw against Felsotarkany in the Hungarian fourth tier last week.

Don’t you just love how nonplussed everybody else is, like a grown man sliding effortlessly down a pair of railings is the most normal thing in the world?

Here’s the snipped version, for maximum viewing pleasure…

Many thanks to Hungarian football shamen Tomasz Mortimer (@TMortimerFtbl) for the assist here.

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