Zidane Destroys Young Keeper At Training Camp (Video)

Chris Wright

25th, March 2011


By Chris Wright

In which Zizou reduces a poor fledgling ‘keeper to a quivering pile of knock-kneed jelly with some trademark silk at an Adidas training camp in Vancouver a while back…


You know you’re probably a bit special when you feel obliged to apologise to the defense after scoring.

Via 101GG.

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  1. Happygilmore says:

    Worst goalkeeping ever, must it graduates from the hans segers school of keeping goal!

  2. Veej says:

    Still a legend!

  3. Smith says:

    Superb! And magnanimous despite his actions…good man!

  4. lyricm9 says:

    this guy is still freaking awesome

  5. Miguel - NYC says:

    he makes it look so easy…always a legend

  6. Ryan says:

    You guys are getting scooped by Deadspin. Old news.

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  8. Tom Jones says:

    Awful keeper. He should have kept his eyes on the ball and not jumped around like a monkey.

  9. Kid Gooner says:

    Zidane = Class in French!! Absoulutely sublime! Oh, by the way, this was in Denver at the Colorado Rapids practice facility. I think Spring/Summer of ’09.

  10. Happygilmore says:

    The goalie should have just dissed his mum apparently it’s a sore point

  11. Pete says:

    Bloody love Zidane! Best player ever!!

    If anyone could spare a moment to follow this link and ‘like’ Ket Utd to get them to the Emirates sradium, it would be much appreciated


  12. arsenal_fan says:

    New Arsenal Goal keeper ?

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. FIODOR says:

    Sopravvalutato: solo quella finta di merda.

  15. FIODOR says:

    overestimated:only that shit played

  16. TO says:

    If I was the keeper, I would have headbutted him… Prove my skill is better in this department

  17. theredflag says:

    I thought it was his sister?

  18. Varun says:

    If you HAD Head-butted him, it would have been YOU who would have fallen on the floor NOT him.

    He’s FUCKING ZIZOU, dammit, don’t you freaking know this shit?

  19. JOE says:

    zidane zidane will always be remember for his exclusive intelligence on the soccer pitch. Many have come and gone, but ZIZOU will forever be remember as on of the greatest mid fielder ever. some of Zidane special qualities on the field are as follow. His ability to release the ball on time, control the temper of the game when under pressure, thus making his team mates to relax and concentrate.

  20. JOE says:

    I do not accept that it was the worst goal keeping ever. It is Zidane Zizou Zidane what do you expect from him? That is what he does best. Make goalies look like they had no business standing before him. Pay some attention to his skills, before Zidane touches the ball he, looks around and see whose coming and make a swift decision. First thing in that Video was that when he plays the ball to the right, he lifted his head in search of the goalie location. And than dribble the ball inside with his right foot, as thoug he was taking a shot. Second move was amazing, goalie is now thinking that he’s not going to do it again, wrong!! lifted his left foot again and the goalie when falling, and finally the classic finish a simple volley over him. Now if you are a season striker, you do not panic when you find yourself in a goal scoring position. most strikers panic and end up causing their team a victory.

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