Juan Agudelo Scores ‘Henry-Esque’ Volley vs DC United (Video)

Chris Wright

22nd, April 2011


By Chris Wright

The exquisite volley scored by 18-year old Juan Agudelo to cap off New York  Red Bulls’ 4-0 victory over DC United last night was compared by commentator John Harkes to Thierry Henry’s (who is now a teammate of Agudelo at NY) mercurial strike for Arsenal against Manchester United back in the Year of our Lord, 2000.

Compare and contrast…


Good effort from the boy Agudelo, but it’s not even in the same class. Everything about Henry’s goal was far more impressive – the fluid touch, the stage, the technique, the distance, etc.

Speaking of Henry, after a few fallow months, the Frenchman has finally started to hit a bit of form for his current employers – helping himself to a brace and an assist earlier on during Red Bull’s sound thrashing of DC.

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  1. EDub says:

    Ok, 3 of your stories today (Copa del Rey / Agudelo / Riquelme Dance) are all from 101gg …

    Are you guys just poaching links, or do the two sites happen to have great synergy?

  2. Soccer Professional says:

    @EDub All this website does is find stories from other websites and put its own description/views on it.
    It’s something that most satellite blogs in the blogosphere do. Can’t come up with original content/slow news day, so resort to this tactic to keep visitors coming.

  3. Chris says:

    @Edub & Soccer Pro:

    We (+ most other football blogs) have to source our videos from somewhere and 101GG, who specialise in collating football videos from around the world on a daily basis, happens to be the best resource.

    In defense, of course we source our articles/videos from elsewhere a lot of the time – it’s perhaps easy to forget that Pies is a relatively small-scale, independent site – though we also try to balance it out with our fair share of original content.

    We, as well as nearly every single other football website/blog that post daily articles, accept that we rely heavily on the ‘bigger fish’ that share our ocean – that’s just the way it is, and we make no secret of that fact.

  4. 'Sota Dan says:

    Perhaps I’m the only one, but listening to Harkes commentating is brutal. I was sipping on a few glasses of port last night watching that match, and I’m pretty sure I heard him compare someone, maybe Agudelo, to Messi earleir in the match. Honestly. No need to embellish the game, Harkes. I’ll still watch, but maybe with the volume down.

  5. 12345 says:

    The worst is offthepost, literally all they do is post from pies and reddit

  6. Kyle says:

    Though he seems SO dissatisfied, it’s telling that “Soccer Professional” (great name….) keeps coming back to the site AND finds the time to post as well.

  7. EDub says:

    Yeah, just curious. My OP was not really a criticism, just something I’ve noticed more recently.

    You guys could certainly differentiate with more WAG articles :)

  8. Ping Yang says:

    The American commentator talking about football sounds off.

  9. SDM says:

    That would be John Harkes, former Wednesday player, and a guy so off, he once slept with a teammates wife while captain of the US.

  10. MoT says:

    Henry’s touch is more fluid and controlled, but the delivery was much poorer in Agudelo’s. Henry’s is legend but the kid’s was pretty classy as well, just a short step down. Harkes is a clown, though. American commentators are obnoxious in their unrelenting hyperbole.

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