Snapshot: Neymar Reaches 100 Career Goals, Gets Defiled By Santos Teammates

Chris Wright

6th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

Here’s a depressing fact for you: Neymar, who turned 20 yesterday, scored his 100th career goal in Santos’ 2-1 defeat to Palmeiras over the weekend. That’s 100 goals (82 for Santos, eight for Brazil, nine for the Brazil U20s and one for the U17s) in 186 appearances for the wee Cockatoo.

To mark the occasion, his Santos teammates did the decent thing and made him a cake – sorry, that should read *made him into a cake* by covering him in flour and then drizzling chocolate sauce all over his head

At least, I hope that’s flour and chocolate sauce…

Serves the little bugger right. How dare he be all young and good and stuff?

Here’s Globo Esporte’s little video tribute to Neymar’s incredibly nascent centenary, which may feature trace amounts of ABBA…

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  1. ds. says:

    good on the kid.

    no big deal, but how did he score in a match between Sao Paulo and Palmeiras when he plays for Santos?

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