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Scandal! Lionel Messi & Milito Brothers Attend ‘Sex And Alcohol’ Party In Argentina

By Chris Wright

‘Scandal’ has broken out in this morning’s Il Corriere dello Sport, who claim that Lionel Messi, both Gab and Diego Milito and cape-wearing crime fighter Martin Palermo attended a ‘sex and alcohol’ party in their native Argentina which was being hosted by local reality TV strumpet Xoana Gonzalez.

For the record, that’s this Xoana Gonzalez…

Erm, Miss Gonzalez…I think I can see your balls

Anyway, Il Corriere’s article goes on to suggest that several other Argentinian sex symbols were in attendance, including a smattering of Playboy bunnies and lingerie models – not that L’il Leo and his cronies actually took any notice: “We just danced and then we played some PlayStation.”


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By Chris on June 15th, 2011 in South America. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

39 Responses to “Scandal! Lionel Messi & Milito Brothers Attend ‘Sex And Alcohol’ Party In Argentina”

  1. babo says:

    thats definitely a bloke.

  2. wiggs says:

    I’ll second that. You can see the stubble on her back.

  3. Aj says:

    would still smash it

  4. Redskywalker says:

    @aj Sis! haha

    Well is this where he loses his squeaky clean image?

  5. pterodactyl says:

    This is amateur. Wake me up when Messi “accidentally” brings 3 transsexual hookers back to his hotel room like Fat Ronaldo.

  6. Sebastian says:

    i dont know something just a little off about her

  7. Raul says:

    turn out they go so drunk that messi and the milito brothers had a 3way there was no girl involved

  8. alex says:

    Basically attended a good party then..

  9. alex says:

    Basically attended a good party then.. wonder what sex god will make of this travesty

  10. Ryan says:

    Oh no ! Sex and alcohol. No coke ? Amateurs….

  11. TravisKOP says:

    sex? alcohol? footballers? sounds like a normal day in the footballing world to me

  12. brizzle says:

    wait…a “Sex and alcohol” party.

    Is there any other party worth attending?

  13. lordrt says:

    Go for it Leo, time to show them some other skills as well

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  15. okenta says:

    It is alright not to be Jack, dear Meeeessi.
    Because all work and no play makes Jack a
    dull boy.

  16. aniki says:

    That’s it? god, he just went to some random party! he’s a dude, too. You know?

  17. Promise CJ Ukachu says:

    Is that really a scandal? just some fun for the holiday. Don’t forget they are celebrities.

  18. […] latest Giggs and Messi revelations are not a moral development and not a decline in ethics. They are simply a […]

  19. they attended but was not admitted i know that the world best is a man of good and moral behivour he very intelligence.

  20. Larry Conley says:

    We need to stop the scandal mongering! So what if La Pulga went to her apartment. I’d go to her apartment too if offered the opportunity. Leo is a young man and she looks like a lovely young woman. Good for them both. Hope they had a superb time!

  21. GILO says:

    Leo Messi is also human and needs to indulge in parties!Go on Messi you are the hero we’ve been waiting for.

  22. Samuel B. Olupitan says:

    There is nothing bad in Messi enjoying His life! You have done well in your carrier. But beware of HIV/AID

  23. price says:

    everybody have there life to live … even if it was queen elizabeth it would not bothered me … like urself messi

  24. nana yaw says:

    leave Little Leo alone. Is it a crime to go a party? This is cheap scandal. I wont buy it

  25. Mohammed says:

    Messi u can do what ever u like since u a good player.

  26. kamau kama says:

    what is wrong with a young man having some day out this is no scandal it is party anytime what do expect wen a young man got influence,money and above all conqured the world this cheap scandal again and no one is buying this

  27. Raffi says:

    i really don’t get it , the guy is not even married , where is the god damn scandal in this , stop this rubbish article , and Leo go enjoy life and score on and off the pitch , anyway this is your job . lol .

  28. lovingforever says:

    Well, i don’t think there is a scandal in this , cos the guy is not even married and he is a man not a stone he cannot continue like that and go astray for not having sex. keep it up my man…………..

  29. Dick says:

    Dont the name of our wonder boy, to hell wth this so-called scandal

  30. Dick Dzebonde says:

    Dont tarnish the name of our wonder boy, to hell wth this so-called scandal

  31. helen says:

    hey this is not a scandal,and who knows if this is just a rumor?
    messi is good and some enemies would do anything to put his name on this black list of bad guys,he is young and not married.This is not a scandal at all,messi may God favor u,u r humble and good and u r not a selfish player that’s one good thing i love u for.

  32. sulemana sadat says:

    i don’t thing messi will do such a thing so is a lie about messi.

  33. Daniel Ignatius says:

    You guys are just talking off point. If What they did is really true! Then its terrible, because the Bible says “thou shall not commit adultery”. You better repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.

  34. Jane says:

    Messi is a good looking and sexy young man so obviously he is going too get involved in scandals like this.

  35. meziane says:

    ilove messi en tim brcalona

  36. messi is a verry beautiful boy

  37. Anonymous says:

    messi is gay

  38. Anonymous says:

    W .SEX .MESSI .X xx

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