Stoke Striker Kenwyne Jones Finds Pig’s Head In Locker, Smashes In Glenn Whelan’s Car Windshield

Alan Duffy

17th, May 2013


By Alan Duffy


Now that’s not a headline I ever expected to write.

It seems that the ‘banter’ in the Potters’ dressing-room has gone a tad too far with the news that someone left a pig’s head in Kenwyne Jones’ locker.

Amercian star Brek Shea posted a photo of the butchered piggy bonce on his Instagram account (above), with the words “Locker room banter gone wild!”. But apparently Trinidad & Tobago international Jones didn’t see the funny side of the prank and immediately went out and smashed in the windshield of a car belonging to Glenn Whelan, who Jones was convinced was behind the porky prank.

Stoke City are now set to investigate the incident while rumours are growing that Whelan may now be sold to the Trotters.

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  1. Steve-o says:

    Grotesque. And not at all funny (if that was even the intent).

  2. joe says:

    Stoke are the new Crazy Gang

  3. Danny M says:

    Grow up Stev-o, They are grown men who train with eachother everyday, A bit of banter never hurt anyone

  4. the69ersfc says:

    Funny as f*** actually.
    Is KJ a muslim? Is that why this is being bigged up? Not been mentioned in any reports I’ve seen.
    Not sure what the fuss is about. In 1988, Vinny Jones of The Wimbledon Crazy Gang put Steve McMahons head in Terry Phelans locker.

  5. tipo 00 says:

    windshield?! is this not a british site? it’s a windscreen in the uk. last week it was ‘tidbits’ instead of ‘titbits’. the americanisation of the world continues. we’ll all be obese and this will be a soccer site soon :(

    is kenwyne a jew or muslim (or other denomination who doesn’t like particular animals for laughable, ancient religious reasons) or does he just not like dead animals heads in his locker? i suppose blood dripping on your shoes would actually be a bit annoying.

  6. felix says:

    I don’t think it’s about religion or anything like that. I think that the guy just doesn’t like finding dead animals in his locker…

  7. Steve-o says:

    “A bit of banter never hurt anyone.”

    Tell that to the pig.

    Disgracing a decapitated-anything is not funny. To think you are in the right by telling me to grow up…You are a disgusting human being.

  8. sleeba says:

    The FA should ban John Terry from wearing his kit for at least 6 months for this.

  9. K-Man says:

    It’s clear that opinions on this “banter” serve as a litmus test, sorting the knobheads from the normal folk.

  10. Alex Monteith says:

    I did a bit of research after initially finding this hilarious and it turns out Kenwyne Jones is in fact a Rastafarian. Rastafarians do not eat pork as they consider pigs a dirty animal much the same as Muslims and Jewish people. At this point it stops being a silly prank and becomes a deliberate attempt to belittle and mock someone’s beliefs. I’m not religious but it is disgraceful to abuse someone because they are.

  11. Si says:

    @Alex Montleith – what evidence do you have to support your allegation that the prank was a “deliberate attempt to belittle and mock” Jones’ beliefs, as opposed to just being a slightly distasteful but purportedly “banterific” jape on a colleague?

    I suspect none and if so, it is probably worth keeping schtum for the time being. After all, wild speculation is what red tops specialise in, not supposedly intelligent people (which you clearly are by the thought process that has informed your comment).

    If it transpires that it was in fact religious-based, I would be more likely to attribute it to the general ignorance (in the dictionary sense of the work) of uneducated footballers than malicious intent.

    This just screams “prank gone wrong.” There is no need for the PC police to scream discrimination just yet…!

    • Alex says:

      @si, fair points well presented. However that level of ignorance deserves nothing but disdain and would actually make me think less of them than if they’re being genuinely bigoted.

  12. toonarmytx says:

    Hey tipo, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that Americans following the sport and league as passionately as everyone else was such a problem. There are a lot of Americans who follow this site. No one’s trying to Americanise anything, it’s just a truly open global world and just as many of us have embraced your culture and sport I’d think you’d appreciate Americans being passionate football supporters

  13. tipo 00 says:

    @toonarmybx – i never said anything about americans following football being a problem did i? reread it. i merely picked up on two incorrect spellings, no need to get so wound up. i don’t have a problem with americans or any other nationality. i wouldn’t want americans spelling things the british way either. what a sad place it would be if we were all the same.

    if the rastafarian thing is true (can’t be arsed checking) then it’s a bit naughtier. i don’t get these ridiculous religious rules about not eating animals because they aren’t ‘clean’, or have different hooves or digest things differently. what a joke. ‘ooh, funny hoof, i’m not eating that!’. ‘ooh, pigs are dirty’ not eating that. anyway, i’m drifting off the football topic somewhat, ha.

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