Football GIF: Seb Larsson/Cheaty McCheaterson’s Ridiculous Penalty-Conning Swan Dive vs Wolves

Chris Wright

5th, December 2011


By Chris Wright

You’ll be glad to know that moments after this grotesque belly-flop, Seb Larsson conspired to miss the penalty he successfully conned out of referee Phil Dowd in woeful fashion, after which Wolves toddled up the other end and equalised within 25 seconds (skip to the 7:00 mark)…

Karmic retribution at it’s finest!

GIF: 101GG

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  1. thisISben says:

    Justice is served!

  2. Carl says:

    Terrible dive, but I think this takes the cake for worst dive ever (or at least top 5):

    (Thanks to Olly from for making a gif from the video)

  3. James says:

    Right, clearly he’s launched himself through the air BUT….how is this any different to contact actually being made?

    If the defender withdraws his leg then fair enough, it’s a massive dive, but he’s clearly travelling at speed and either way he’s unlikely getting round the defender because of the trip, it’s either do this or crash into him and risk injuring himself. (I’m not saying that he has completely honest intentions)

  4. SL says:

    When will refs learn, if it looks clean, its a dive. If he was really clipped there, hed have gone arse over tit.

    It was blatantly obvious it was a dive, wheres the justice from the FA? Start giving out 5 game bans for every dive.

  5. Patrick says:

    Don’t know, Larson’s flinging of the arms high over his head is just how I always fall down…. :))))

  6. Rob says:

    And it was outside the box.
    Loved it when he missed the penalty, cheating git!

  7. fouldsy says:

    what a wanker!

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