Horror Hair: Jermain Defoe Goes All ‘Sisqo’ On Us

Chris Wright

4th, January 2012


By Chris Wright

With his slinky goal against West Brom last night, Jermain Defoe overtook Glenn Hoddle’s scoring tally for Tottenham – but even that didn’t gloss over the fact that, at some point before the game, he chose to do this to his head…

Yeesh. Sisqo would be rolling in his grave had he been torn to pieces by the dragon he was so keen on unleashing all the bloody time.

Incidentally, the Metro chose to run with a ‘Defoe Dyes For The Cause’ headline to mark the occasion, which would have been a truly awesome pun were it not for the fact that some poor old chap died of a cardiac arrest while watching the match at White Hart Lane.

Silly Metro.