Sunderland players in sex tape scandal

Ollie Irish

7th, December 2006


Alnwick It’s a funny old game! Just this morning we were bemoaning the fact that, in the current climate of footballer sex scandals, you can no longer post an innocent video of a group of footballers spanking animals without people jumping to conclusions. And sure enough, what should break this afternoon but another football sex scandal.

Sunderland players Ben Alnwick, Chris Brown and Liam Lawrence – who is currently on loan at Stoke City – are facing disciplinary action after a seven-minute sex video (impressive work boys…) of them with a brunette referred to a ‘Stevie’ came to light. Goalkeeper Alnwick, aged 19, has just secured a £1 million January move to Spurs. He winks at the camera during filming while striker Brown, 21, reportedly gives a football-style commentary on proceedings!

Sunderland players in sex tape scandal continued

Sunderland spokesman Lesley Callaghan said: "The behaviour of any individual that adversely affects the image or good name of Sunderland Football Club is obviously disappointing, and we will be handling this matter internally." [Insert your own puns about the players already taking care of that!]

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  1. Matt says:

    how long till this is youtubed? haha

  2. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Maybe pornotube would be a safer place to look (‘safe’ being a relative term of course)