Snapshot: Exonerated Harry Redknapp Meets The Press An Innocent Man

Alan Duffy

8th, February 2012


By Alan Duffy

It took a cool £8 million to get the case to this stage, where a joyful and relieved Harry Redknapp walks free from Southwark Crown Court and back to Tottenham and their title charge. Hardly a sensible use of money, but hey-ho – at least it’s all been squared away with Her Majesty…

While Arsenal fans will no doubt be crying into their free-trade cappuccinos, Sky Sports News will be breathing a quiet sigh of relief.

Redknapp is their favourite go-to-guy for a quick quote on pretty much anything, and by dodging time in the nick, he is thus once again ready to roll down his car window whenever – and I mean whenever called upon by a roving Sky reporter.

Arry’s back on the scene. Thank God for small mercies, eh? Seems like the ‘I’m well stoopid and I does sometimes write like a two-year old’ defence actually worked!

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  1. Arsenesbrasso says:

    Arry’s brief ran the tried & tested ‘Ken Dodd’ defence (albeit with a cheeky cockney flavour) – ie ‘I’m too ‘fick to understand all this money stuff.

    Personally, I think Harry probably knew he ought to have paid income tax on the the ‘crouchy’ bonus but he’ll get his ‘comeuppance’ when he takes the England job.

  2. captainobvious says:

    Disgusting that he can get off easy whilst if any one of us had done this we would be thrown in jail. What else would you expect from the spuds other then a criminal manager though.

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