Tottenham Release Commemorative DVD Of First 39 Minutes Of Arsenal Game

Chris Wright

28th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

And what a glorious first 39 minutes they were…

Very amusing, though we must point out that it’s been done before.

(Spotted on Twitter feed, via F365)

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  1. Kate says:

    Ha, ha, ha. As a devout Spurs fan, I am still gutted and annoyed at what happened on Sunday. I do feverently hate Arsenal, BUT they definately deserved the win, they slaughtered us in the 2nd half, so congrats to em!

  2. momo says:

    nice to see they have a sense of humor!

  3. werderbremen_rulez says:

    Heh, nice try.

    @Chris – rumour has it Prince Poldi (aka Lukas Podolski) might join the ranks of the Gunners this summer.

    How about a post on him – he lends himself to an exclusive post, considering his often hilarious choice of t-shirts, especially the puking-clown themed one….

    I bet Merte talked him into leaving Cologne behind ;)

  4. rooney the papaya says:

    tottenham hotspurs really a idiot and want face club, really they had to look at their face first! first 39 minutes, why not whole match? scared being lose face? Spurs will going down next season, see ya…………

  5. ferguson and webb says:

    5 – 2………thats all.

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