Chelsea Fans Boo During Minute’s Silence At Wembley For Hillsborough Victims

Alan Duffy

15th, April 2012


By Alan Duffy

Now let’s be very clear about this, it was only a small minority of Chelsea fans who behaved in an utterly despicable way before the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley. However, their actions won’t have done the often negative image of Blues’ supporters any good at all.

During the minute’s silence, which was in remembrance both of the victims of the Hillsborough tragedy and Piermario Morosini who died yesterday, a section of Chelsea fans booed with some even shouting “murderers”.

To be fair, the vast majority of Chelsea fans who condemned the booing must be applauded also.

Very little more needs to be said really. Except, those fans who behaved so horribly – you know what you are.

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  1. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Despicable, whether or not you like either clubs from Merseyside those ninety six did not deserve to die.

  2. davo says:

    disgusting, you cant mark them all with the same brush but if it was Liverpool fans im pretty sure there would be uproar.
    The silence is for the dead NOT for the people who moved the games etc. Fair enough make points about that etc but to boo during a mins silence like that what was also for a player who suffered a heart attack was absolutely disgusting, if you can find em, ban em for life

  3. hfgh says:

    chavs are utter scum,well done spurs for booing them

  4. Ron says:

    Standard chelsea

  5. Smith says:

    As an Everton I am absolutely disgusted. It had nothing to do with what team you support but the 96 ordinary fans who lost their lives just going to a game like those fans today were.

    I’m glad both merseyside fans done our clubs proud yesterday. We may be rivals but together we united to show tribute to those who lost their lives and the family members they left behind.

    JFT96. Don’t buy the SUN

  6. Mr Watts says:

    Disgusting behavior,hold your heads in shame chelsea

  7. chris says:

    whether they chanted mureders or booed I would not wear a blue chelsea shirt on streets when the fans come to liverpool in few weeks time

  8. sarah says:

    Scum. Enough said.

  9. philq says:

    Support liverpool and was gonna watch tonights match but disgusting behaviourmakes me feel sick.i hope liverpool smash chelsea in the final and ram their sick behavior down their throats.all credit to both sets of fans yesterday.did the 96 proud

  10. p says:

    all you chelsea haters are loving this arent you

    you types are so fucking classy you’ll grasp at anything to put down the best supporters in england

    fuck off

  11. usrick says:

    The difference between the behavior of the Everton fans yesterday and some of the Chelsea fans today is another example of why the classy team in blue plays on Merseyside.

  12. ann says:

    Think that chelsea should release a statement and quickly to express their disgust over some of their so called fans who did what they did during the minutes silence. I have never been so digusted in my life. These scum should be named and shamed. An everton fan

  13. Lee says:

    Im an LFC fan, We are talking about morons – All clubs have them as fans, not Chelsea’s fault. Good luck against Barca.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Chelsea fans shame on you

  15. Dr. Roberts says:

    Y’know, as a Chelsea fan, I can’t help but feel doubly aggrieved; I’m a fairly grounded, well adjusted guy, yet according to ‘the Internet’ I’m a chav wanker for supporting them. On the other hand, supporters such as that ensure that decent Chelsea fans are never going to receive any respite. I get the ‘my club versus yours’ mentality that provokes a lot of this, but as someone who doesn’t advocate anything more than friendly verbal jostling between supporters… ah, fuck it. The fans that did this are cunts, but it doesn’t apply to all of us.

  16. Graham G says:

    With the feints of some Chelsea fans towards Liverpool and the song they sing that says “you killed your own fans ” this was always going to happen, when leg has fantastic ct , the FA can find the culprits if they really want to!

    • Jep says:

      Dunno why people think Chelsea fans sing this. If they do, it’s a rare few assholes and every club has those.

      I was at a game a couple years back where one guy kept standing up trying to sing “you killed your own fans”. I’d never heard that song before and haven’t heard it since and you know what happened after a few attempts to start the song? All of us around him got angry and told him to shut up and it ended in a fight with him and a couple other guys getting ejected. Everyone was disgusted by what he did. So please don’t spout shit.

  17. James says:

    As a chelsea fan i’m disgusted by the actions of other supporters. I’m sure the club will issue a statement but let me be the first to offer a sincere apology on behalf of the fan base. I hope these people are found, condemned and banned for life.

  18. Ross says:

    Disgusting, any club could of been victims of such an event. At the end of the day, it happened to normal people going to watch the sport that they love.
    They have let their club down.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Speaking as a Chelsea fan i am with everyone condemning the behaviour of the “fans” who couldn’t gather enough humanity to pay their respects to the 96 who died that day, utterly sickening

  20. Mr C says:

    Speaking as a Chelsea fan i am with everyone condemning the behaviour of the “fans” who couldn’t gather enough humanity to pay their respects to the 96 innocent fellow human beings who died that day, utterly sickening

  21. dave says:

    should have had a minutes aplause dont give the idiots of the world a chance to ruin things.

  22. Lm says:

    Sick. Chelsea fans are horrible, glory-hunting, plastic-flag-waving, Chav cunts. I remember them getting 10,000 in the 90s, which is what they would get now if roman and his plastic flag brigade walked away. Shite club, even worse fans.

  23. should be ashamed to call yourself a human , how would a chelsea fan feel if you said goodbye to your loved one to watch a game you loved . yes a game and never return, adults and kids dont forget lost their lives and for a shocking remark by chelsea fans, club should ban them for life. You have the audasitey to shout murderer;s you have behaved like animals. only a game. apauling behaviour, families devistated until this day and on their aniversary , how do you sleep at night.

  24. SL says:

    Scum team, scum fans.

  25. goldie hawn says:

    Let’s not forget Liverpool (amongst others) hissing at Tottenham. It’s just the nature of the football fan. Very childish, but that’s what they do. Not that I condone it before anyone says anything.

  26. Simmo says:

    Typical Chelsea… Scum !

  27. Shumon says:

    Kenny won’t need to say a word before the final…just show the minute’s ‘silence’ from this. Pathetic.

  28. SteevieJ says:

    You get stupid d*cks at every club but you don’t grow up with being nothing but classless idiots. Learn your manners Chelsea fans, it could have just as easily been been your fathers, daughters, relatives and sons.

  29. someone says:

    Im not English but I am a liverpool fan. I have noticed all English people HATE scousers but why?!? is it like catalans and spanish?!?

  30. West End Blues says:

    Its remarkable how ignorant football fans can be and this is shocking.

    Its also remarkable how football fans can conveniently forget their own misgivings. I certainly think Liverpool fans should climb off their high horse, especially in the light of recent events and also given your record of offensive chanting about the Munich air disaster, an event that also resulted in the deaths of innocent people. So maybe think twice before so easily tarnishing us all with the same brush.

  31. Tom Jones says:

    Why were there a minutes silence at the game? None of the clubs playing were involved in the Hillsborough incindent. It was 20+ years ago.

  32. Gaz says:

    Simply unbelievable, I’ve seen the pictures of the chelsea fan giving the nazi salute whilst holding his daughter of about 6 who’s got her middle finger up, quality parenting.

    I’m from Liverpool and was at hillsborough and today that hurt not just as a football supporter like you but as a human being. I will say this though, It wont be all Chelsea supporters, it is a minority, however I do feel the club should be fined and the money sent to the hillsborough charity for the families who lost their little kids, husbands, sisters, brothers etc.

    It would also force the club to cctv the fans and ban them before they become a permanent resident in your clubs support base and shower it with more shame. I wont hold hatred for anyone, life’s too short but they really shouldn’t be allowed to stand with real supporters. I’d call on all real Chelsea fans to man up and deal with these morons.

    The people condoning the disrespect I will say this… Life’s a cycle and that same level of atrocity is headed your way that’s a certainty.

  33. KKK says:

    @Tom Jones:
    Maybe because it was the worst sporting disaster in the history of England. I doubt it was just to piss you off…

  34. DEETSTEST says:

    disgusting but TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. DEETSTEST says:

    Forget About Heysel? Always blaming others when their fault? Now Chelsea Fans(although i hate them )caused the hillbrough disaster? Where’s the justice of Heysel?? No minute of silence for them? HYPOCRITE ! Every year , new people are being blamed! Poor Alan Davies and chelski for 2012.

  36. ChazT says:

    @Tom Jones, if Hillsborough is too diistant a memory for you don’t forget this was also a tribute to Livorno’s Piermario Morosini, you ignorant fuck!

  37. BethLou says:

    It’s hardly Chelsea’s fault. Every club has a group of arsehole fans who, when brought to light, reflect badly on the club. It’s just another excuse for people to jump on the Chelsea hate wagon. It get’s boring. This is from a Villa fan, just to be clear.

  38. Benji says:

    There’s always a few morons supporting every club unfortunately.. Chris wrote a great piece a month or so back about the chanting towards Nigel Doughty in the Forest – Derby game. These mugs will always be in football grounds unfortunately, it’s just up to the 99% of decent football fans to maintain it’s reputation.

  39. RULAS says:

    @DEETSTEST : Try wikipedia to begin with…

  40. Jarren says:

    I just wish the cameras would have zoomed in on the offending “fans”.

    It’s normal for cameras to ignore streakers and the like, as showing them is what they want, but in cases such as this the cameras should zoom right into the faces of those ignoring the silence.

    Maybe then they would see themselves acting like cunts on TV, maybe then they would know what it’s like to be ostracised from their own fan base.

    Absolute wankers. Fuck them all.

  41. Harry says:

    As a chelsea fan that was at wembley I was disgusted with some of the fans during the minute silence. But not all chelsea fans were booing and shouldnt be stereotyped because of these morons.

  42. Rob says:

    Let’s not blame all the Chelsea fans just the dicks, remember we have them at all our clubs. Very disappointed in Torres not wearing an armband.

  43. Anonymous says:

    As a Chelsea fan of course I’m disappointed in those few who couldn’t just keep quiet and respect for the dead for one sodding minute.

    As a Chelsea fan I am also disappointed in the sheer amount of hatred shown here and elsewhere to ALL chelsea supporters as if each one of us who support that team are vile ‘chavs’.

    Seriously, you don’t throw away the whole bunch when there are a few rotten grapes.

  44. Chris says:

    Sounded like more than a small minority on youtube probably close to 2’000 probably planned fuckers. Should do 5 minutes of silence in the final assholes.

  45. Phil K says:

    To be honest, most of us are pig sick of Liverpool and their fans and their perrenial Hillsborough thing. Awful then, commemorate the following year, but year in year out, whining incessantly, playing the martyr and victim card, getting hysterical if anyone dares say their own fans contributed to the disaster.
    Ibrox and Rangers do it quietly, their disaster in 1971.
    Heysel as far as I can see is never mentioned, hence these Chelsea fans. Oh it was organized no doubt, and embarrassing for Chelsea.
    As much as I’m fed up with Liverpool and the Hillsborough albatross they insist we all must wear, it WAS nasty by a minority of Chelsea fans. Let’s not forget though – Liverpool fan shouting racial abuse at young black Watford kid, and NO Liverpool fan would back up the Watford lad, so the racist walked.
    Celtic fans frequently chant their sectarian terrorist supporting songs. Celtic are embarrassed. But Celtic aren’t punished and rightly so. So should it be with Chelsea.
    And its about time Liverpool bloody moved on. Alan Davies was spot on with whjat he said, and going by the football forums, its a MAJORITY VIEW.

  46. Lloyd16 says:

    Phil K, you are a bellend.
    Until the family’s of those that died get the truth, you cannot blame them for not ‘bloody moving on’
    Let’s hope one of your family members isn’t crushed to death as the quest for justice obviously bores you.

  47. peter says:

    I don’t understand why these memorials still exist. Of course do it on the 1st anniversary but as the years go by after that they just become inflammatory. Pretty soon people will start only remembering which group of fans behaved badly during the minutes silence and not really the context of the minute. It’s unreasonable to expect the fans of other teams to honour these silences especially after many years of having to do so when all they want to do is watch their team play football. They should not be made to stand still for something they might not be bothered about. I don’t think this is disrespectful. The time has come to let it go and get on with the footy. Reducing the chance for people to misbehave should end the incendry response to these occasions. I am a Liverpool fan.

  48. Chris says:

    @ Phil K- What a stupid comment you complain about the minute of silence for Hillsborough. Yet want one for Heysel. I bet if a disaster happened to Chelsea or whatever team you support you’d want every year for it to be remembered. You insensitive prick why shouldn’t there be a minute of silence every year for the 96 that never returned home after attending a football game. GGF if you are just slandering people for not forgetting the 96 innocent children, men and women that died at Hillsbourgh.

  49. RedMan says:

    Liverpool fans don’t ask for the whole of football to mourn the tragedy indefinitely. They merely commemorate it themselves by holding a service at Anfield on the anniversary, and therefore asking the authorities not to make them play on that date.

    This weekend was an exception, because we were involved in a semi final on the same weekend as the date of the disaster, ironically against a side from the same city as us.

    If some Chelsea fans can’t show a bit of respect for fellow human beings, by keeping their big mouths shut for 60 seconds, then that is purely and simply a reflection on them. If people think we should stop remembering our dead because time has passed, then that is a reflection on them also.

    As for victimhood et al, it is a fact that the authorities tried to wash their hands of responsibility for what happened in 89. You go to a public event in the expectation that it will be organised properly. If it isn’t, as it wasn’t, it’s bad enough if people die, it’s worse if they then try and pass the blame.

    It’s not beign a victim to say that if the things that are said about scousers were said in a racial or religious context, there would be uproar.

  50. Rylo says:

    The booing was pretty dispicable but represented maybe 50 idiots among the 30,000+ Chelsea fans present – That’s rather less than regularly sing songs about the Munich disaster every time United visit Anfield. That doesn’t excuse what the small number of morons did, yesterday, but many of the comments on this thread are firmly based either in hypocrisy or the standard tribalism that has permeated the game over the previous 20 years.

  51. Scouse Mugs says:

    This pathetic pandering to Liverpool’s wishes beggars belief. An all London semi Final has nothing to do with Hillsborough or Liverpool FC.

    Fair enough, you can continue grieving 23 years after the event, but everywhere other than Merseyside is well over it.

    Besides, you continue to taunt the Mancs about Munich so its double standards from a once great club who have fallen from grace.

  52. Donna says:

    @ Phil K – don’t comment on things you know nothing about. This not about our fans ‘playing the martyr’ it is about the lies that have been released by a scum newspaper on the aftermath that started all these ‘muderers’ comments you heard at this game. 96 people lost their lives, which again, was at an FA Cup game. The families will have wanted to be left alone to grieve, but instead, they found their loved ones names being dragged through the mud by some piece of sh*t newspaper. To this day we are still campaigning to have the truth released. You may not think that this is merited, but it just goes to show what a strong and united fan base we have. I’m sure the shoe would be on the other foot if something this tragic happened to a family member of yours and they were then blamed for it themselves. As I say it’s not us sitting here saying ‘oohhhh our fans died, take pity on us’, we are merely fighting to get them what they deserve, justice, and the truth. Then the 96 souls can finally be laid to rest.

  53. craig says:

    Shame on you chelsea fans you are vile, disgusting ba*tards

  54. craig says:

    we have not sang about munich since ive been going to anfield 16 years ago aint missed a man u game you lot are idiots other teams fans who clearly hate liverpool and have nothing better to do sad little men

  55. DEETSTEST says:

    @RULAS you still dont get it ?lol? of course i read the wiki of heysel. Dumb scouser still acting blur. What are saying is that liverpool is hypocrite . Show respect to hillbrough?But they didnt do it to heysel. Instead of showing respect to juventus, you guys make fun of Everton supporters not able to particpate in Europe because of your fans stupid actions causing england ban. All you can do is seek pity from others. You think you guys show respect by mourning them every single year? Justice for hillbrough is already served. Truth is Liverpool fans kill them. Obvious common sense tells you that whose fault it is. Instead of blaming their own fans, they blamed the policemen, they blamed the everton fans, they blamed the united fans, they blamed the goverment, recently they blamed alan davies, now chelsea fans for their deaths? SO all stop this advertising nonsense of sympathy and their the dead’s families alone. As i say these chelsea fans are disrespectful, same goes for your own fans. But what they saying is disrespectful but TRUTH. They never make fun of any deads. They make fun of the murderers! Stop mixing victims with murders please for god sake! Victims are those innocent death in the disasters, Murderers are those caused the incidents! use your basic common sense please. Families of death victims deserve Sympathy not all liverpool fans. So please stop mixing it to escape their guilt.

  56. Phil K says:

    Lloyd – wake up and rejoin the rest of the world.
    I’m not having a go at the victims you whining pleb.
    But theres horrible disasters happen all the time. We don’t have to all stand to attention every time those mirror kissers demand it, or shouldn’t.
    Commiserations to them.But you and your kind want the rest of us to incessantly year in year out do this, and Liverpool have already demanded changes which impacted other clubs.
    Donna – you want to do it year in year out, FINE. Why the hell do you expect the rest of us ?
    Rangers had a similar disaster. They don’t expect everyone else to rearrange fixtures, support them attacking celebrities who dare say what 90% of people are thinking, etc etc etc etc.
    perhaps this message should start FINALLY getting through to liverpool fans.
    YES we DO think you overplay the martyr and victim cards.
    Most won’t say it, but THINK it.
    But theres more and more saying it too.
    MOVE ON. Have respect yes – but this never ending pedestal lecturing isn’t going to guarantee respect from others – QUITE THE OPPOSITE.

  57. Mikey J says:

    As a Liverpool fan, I don’t hold all Chelsea fans, or the club, responsible for what happened. As has been mentioned, every club has its dicks and it seems that everyone is held in the same esteem as their worst elements unfortunately.

    I would take issue with the comment that ‘That’s rather less than regularly sing songs about the Munich disaster every time United visit Anfield’ – I’ve been to all but two of the Liverpool v United games in the past 15 years at Anfield and have never heard a Munich chant. I’ve seen the odd dickhead doing an aeroplane gesture but, similar to how most Chelsea fans are probably feeling now, I wouldn’t like the majority of fans to be judged by that.

  58. Andy Lee says:

    I’m amazed that Chelsea fans couldn’t remain silent for 1 minute, but usually manage to do so for 90 in other games

  59. Annie says:

    @PhilK…. Thats just the thing though Phil, they cant move on because no one was ever held accountable for it and this is why 23 years on, 150000 people signed an epetition to have all papers released. We are not asking anyone else to stand in silence for the 96 but liverpool football club, its fans and the families will always continue to remember those that never came home on that day. Ask yourself this…. if you had a 14 year old child that went to a football match to see their team play and never came back home because they where crushed to death and no one was held accountable… how would you feel about it ? Wouldnt you do everything in your power to make sure that it was resolved no matter how long it took ? Tell you what while we are at it… why not ask the McCanns to forget about their abducted daughter as it was over 5 years ago, they should get over it, their daughter is never gonna be found :S


  60. Mr Watts says:

    those disgusting idiots embarrassed Chelsea football club,
    and the proper fans,,
    if you had been in my row i would have taken your photo and seat numbers and passed it on to the police,
    Chelsea football club does not want you!!!

  61. Rylo says:

    Mikey J, that’s probably an entirely reasonable response – As a CFC fan, I don’t go to Anfield, regularly, and I’m therefore reliant upon what is reported, if I’m to make a judgement.

    The point about an entire fan-base being villified, based upon the actions of a tiny number of d!ckw!ts is also well made.

    Despite the editorial at the top of this thread making it absolutely clear that the booing comprised a tiny minority, how many posts above are concerned with ‘what Chelsea fans are like’?

    Additionally, how many are there that congratulate Spurs fans on subsequently booing those that did not respect the minute silence, without for a second wondering how many of the (decent) Chelsea fans did the same?

  62. Neil says:

    I am a Chelsea fan and told the idiots to shut up at the game. They are mindless and haven’t had a thought in their head since they were 12. Those that know Football know Chelsea are not worse than any other team out their, lets be honest there has been trouble in the past home and abroad by a few teams which has caused many a problem. This just seemed a cheap shot by a very few Chelsea fans and I was gutted.

  63. JJ says:

    Im a Chelsea fan and was at the game yesterday. It was a very small minority about 3% which all clubs , including Liverpool has! If u look at the min silence for George best many Liverpool fans can be heard screaming Munich! So before everyone goes on a Chelsea witch hunt, just look at other clubs as well!

  64. Robbie says:

    I knew the chavs wouldnt do the minutes silence.I’ve heared it all before at SB.The hillsborough chants etc.Dont know why they bothered.Thought Ken Bates rooted out the knuckledraggers with the electrified fences but they must have replaced the plastic flag wavers for the day.
    Thanks to the spurs fans and also big respect to EFC.True clubs.True class.

  65. Desso says:

    The whole thing just reflects so badly on Chelsea’s fans. Rather like the club placing free plastic flags beneath their seats to try and generate an atmosphere. Totally embarrassing and quite rightly deserving of the abuse and criticism they are receiving from all genuine football loving supporters across the web. Abramovich must be so proud of his clubs supporters.

  66. stuart says:

    Phil K you fucking moron the relatives of the 96 have from day 1 had to listen to obscene accusations from no doubt the likes of you about their dead loved ones, indeed the same disproven claims are currently doing the rounds compliments of other Chelsea morons.
    They want justice and an end to all the shit slinging that still goes on but I doubt it could affect you sitting in the comfort of your bedroom typing out incessant bollocks.

  67. Dave says:

    In recent weeks Spurs fans have behaved impeccably and shown absolute respect to fellow football fans and clubs. They are a real credit to their club. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Chelsea who have not only disgraced themselves but sadly all true football fans.

  68. lfc_man says:

    I don’t think the excuse that Liverpool fans do it makes it excuseable for Chelsea fans. Its horribly wrong no matter who it comes from. Its a small minority that needs to be dealt with.

    Hillsborough is different from Heysel or the Munich disaster. The Munich disaster was 50years ago, I don’t mean to tell people how long they should grieve but how many current supporters are old enough to remember the actual event well. The people involved in heysel were dealt with, they even received prison sentences. Hillsborough continues to be in the spotlight because there are so many questions left unanswered.

    All clubs have a right to honour the dead, its never right to boo during a minutes silence. England is lucky that the authorities promote rememberance of tragedies throughout the country. Many other countries don’t. Hillsborough is not a Liverpool tragedy, it was a human tragedy as all football disasters are.

  69. stevi says:

    Hilsborough is still gone about so much because the families are all fighting for justice! i only knew what it was like to lose someone when i lost my grandad an i have neve felt a pain like it, so imagine how the familes feel who couldnt grieve for there lost love ones because they have been fightin for 23 years, never mind why do they still go on about it after such a time, why do they still have to fight to get the truth! the chelsea fans who disrupted the silence are scum, an those who are sticken up for them are even worse! and everyone asking why they had to do it when them teams had nothing to do with liverpool or hilsborough? how about cause it was on the fucking anniversary you dickheads! and it changed the whole football industry when that happend it could of been any team unfortunately it was liverpool! and DEETSTEST and PHIL K you are absolute bellends, i feel ashamed for you and your families, an phil k? how dare you tell people not to talk about stuff they dont know anythin about? was you at hilsborough no you werent you fucking dickhead but the majority of my family were an they seen what happened!!!!!! if you lost a child would you just forget abar them as years pass by? i mean how dare we mourn 96 innocent fans every year, the youngest being ten years old! use are a disgrace and need putting down

  70. Matt says:

    I was in the area around the chanting, it didnt seem like thousands to me, possibly a couple of hundred.

    It wasn’t only Tottenham fans that booed at the end of the silence, it was also the majority of Chelsea fans disgusted by what they’d heard.

    No matter what your thoughts on what happened at hillsborough and who was responsible, the minutes silence should have been observed out of respect for the families of the 96.

    Small minority that ruined it, every club has them.

    For Liverpool ‘supporters’ to warn Chelsea fans about their potential violent reception at Anfield due to the actions of a minority just breeds the kind of hatred and feelings that this minority of idiots chanting have.

    Kick-off being at 6pm allowing a full day of alcohol consumption certainly didn’t help, seems like the FA have learnt from that by scheduling the final for 5.30!

  71. tony says:

    being a man united fan you know the feelings between our supporters when it comes to football yesterday at old trafford you could here a pin drop it was that silent yeah there is an intense rivalry and passion between our respective fans but all credit to our supporters for not lowering themselves to that level that we saw at chelsea it was a crying shame if you ask me

  72. Norsk Wolf says:

    Can’t believe how many on here complain about Liverpool wanting to mark the rememberance of such a tragic event in their history and in the history of sport.

    Devastating day for those involved.

    What next shall we bin rememberance Sunday because WWI was a really long time ago, you knobs have some compassion it is only a minute out of your obviously fun packed lives. You never know when you may need a bit of compassion yourselves you saddos

    To any disaster if people want to reflect for a minute then let them

  73. Dave says:

    Marks a real low point in the history of Chelsea Football Club. It may only have been a minority but those of us old enough to know the support Chelsea used to enjoy notice the difference between then and now. I had to ask what all this was about plastic flags. Truly embarrassing!
    I’m a Man Utd fan and the silence was observed impeccably. It was about genuine football supporters showing respect to fellow supporters. Nothing to do with club rivalry or pathetic whines about not having an extra day off. It could have been any of us that died that day.
    I was routing for Chelsea against Barca until now. As for who I would like to win the FA cup well there is only one worthy winner. Chelsea’s fans deserve nothing.

  74. Gary says:

    I think those Chelsea fans who could not keep quiet for 1 minute need to realise that they are were sitting in an amazing all seater stadium yesterday with security and protection because of 96 souls who went to a football match and never returned and who were not afforded such luxury. Morons!

  75. Rush2112 says:

    You say to them “You know what you are”, but I doubt they do because they’re obviously too stupid to comprehend even basic human decency… So let me help them out. You’re CUNTS.

  76. Chris says:

    LFC fan here and I agree Hillsborough was a long time ago… BUT, for those who lost someone – not me personally mind you – it remains very fresh in their minds simply because it IS AN ONGOING CHAPTER and will remain that way until the authorities come clean. Then we can put the book to rest.

    It was a small number of Chelsea fans, and I actually feel sorry for the Chelsea fans who were honouring silence who’ve just been lumped into the category of ‘massive wanker’. Don’t hate the games, don’t hate the clubs, don’t hate the fans, hate the arseholes who spoil the game and those special moments, and every team does have them. Yes, Heysel happened, and I’m guessing 99% of LFC’s supporters are happy about the dick’s involved in Heysel were locked up for their attrocities. Personally, I think three years is not long enough but I bet if Juventus was to ever hold a minutes silence to commemorate the event, LFC would be the first to honour it.

    What nags at me though is that if Spurs, Everton, and even Man Utd can manage this silence, then their is something spectacularly immature about the knobjockey department of the Chelsea fanbase. Every club’s fanbase has its nobjockeys but this one is specacular. That is not a stab at ALL Chelsea fans, just the idiot ones who probab;y don’t know who they are because they didn’t know they were there and probs thought they were watching the match on a big TV.

  77. Zorurkiy says:

    The Blues from Birmingham are the best

  78. dave says:

    look its as simple as this, i was at hillsborough and it was harendous
    but liverpool fans dont want or need anybodys sympathy we just just want the truth to come out.We all know that every club has idiots so i dont blame chelsea fans. i suspect the majority are ashamed of the idiots behaviour as the majority of liverpool fans are of the heysel disaster. i honestly beleive this is a reflection of our society as a whole we shouldnt give the morons a chanve to spoil things. I just hope people see sense and there is no trouble at the final.

  79. John says:

    Three words. POT – KETTLE – BLACK

    I’m a Chelsea fan. I remember being at a Chelsea Liverpool cup semi at Old Trafford a few years ago and was appalled to hear a group singing a song glorifying the death of Italian fans at Heysel.

    I think that was probably around the same time Liverpool fans shouted Munich chants during a minute silence for the late Great George best.

    Fucking hypocrites

  80. mickyb says:

    The shame in all of this is the people who broke the minute silence wont care about these comments and the chelsea supporter who respected it will be the only people hurt by the comments I support lfc but ever club has knob heads .

  81. Julio Doubleglasias says:

    3 words fuckin lying cunt.
    Nobody has ever sung hysel songs,get your facts right.You are just trying to make excuses up for what you lot did.
    Its done,take the flak and try and be a real supporter.That means take your own flags & banners to the game instead of waving one of Romans free plastic ones.I’ve heared you lot singing hillsborough songs for years its no surprise to me.
    Dont respect the 96 its your choice but dont come on here spouting bile about why you did it.You just a cunt ,one day yours will come.

  82. footysucks says:

    bunch of boneheads am sure they wouldn’t of booed had they been chelsea fans that died that terrible day.. its the families i feel for. personally I can’t stand football due to the thugs n morons that have ruined it for the genuine supporters.. it is NOT a beautiful game!!

  83. Dave says:

    John. Don’t start making things up to try and deflect from the shite support Chelsea are widely regarded for. Their behaviour on Sunday was just another example of what the masses who follow football already know. If anything your post just reinforces the point further. Written like a true Chelsea fan !

  84. peter says:

    Let me repeat, I’m a LFC fan but i’m against not only the Hillsborough minutes silence, but all minutes silences inside a football ground. The average football fan has no respect for these events and doesn’t even fully understand them. All that it leads to is what you see on here…violent rhetoric and threats of revenge. Suddenly everyone is shouting and fighting over what was supposed to be something that brought us all together. Football fans shouldn’t be trusted with such sensitive situations. As you can see, they can’t handle it. I think in the event of a tragedy, as soon as possible have the mionutes silence then drop it for all future years. If the club, any club, wnat to organise something after that on each anniversary then that’s cool but as long as these things exist it is human nature for opposing or rival fans to misbehave. The sooner the authorities realise this the better and we can move the rememberances to a more proper and fitting venue. If LFC don’t want to play on the anniversary no-one should make them. This should always mean that Anfield isnt being used on that day. Open the stadium and let people in for their minutes silence or some other rememberance. Other clubs should follow suit. It just seems a simple way out of all this nonsense about expecting football fans to behave.

  85. Neil says:

    Peter you make a good point. The minutes ‘applause’ started in South America and spread to Italy as a minutes silence was very rarely observed. A sad reflection of a modern day football crowd, look how England respect the oppositions National Anthem, although this has greatly improved. Sometimes the crowd can represent their club in a fantastic way. I have to say there are some great and good Chelsea fans. To csll them Cnuts is not true. However the fans on Sunday were bang out of order and many Chelsea fans like myself feel the same.

  86. Gaudi says:

    I cant agree with your well thought out words mate.
    Surely as a society we are better than this.Cant we stay quiet for a minute.Why should one club spoil it.
    The Spurs fans have been spot on recently with Fabrice Muamba & Hillsborough.We can only think what would have happened if Muamba had taken ill at Stamford Bridge.
    Dont blame all footy fans for the Chelsea knuckledraggers.
    What are we to do next ban Rememberance Sunday?
    Dont forget this is not just about liverpool,it was also for Piermario Morosini .
    People need to educate themselves.

  87. peter says:

    neil…well said…what you have to add to this is that scousers (of which I’m one) are notoriously thinned skinned…most like giving it out but few like taking it…having said that, most scousers would give you the shirt off their backs if they thought it would help you..people are touchy over hillsborough because of what was said about the supporters in the immediate aftermath and then the ensuing years…this would have involved the police covering up and even thatcher getting involved and ultimately doing nothing…people will never ever forget that but nor do I think it should be center stage at important games when the only thing that should matter is the game itself…there are lots of alternatives to ensure that people never forget…the more this happens, the more dignity is lost and everybody suffers….great ball from Lampard for the goal btw…good luck in nou camp

  88. Sam says:

    All you Liverpool hypocrites…lets not forget heysel, for which LFC fans were found guilty of manslaughter

  89. scousearecunts says:

    The bin dippers killed their own fans and killed in Heysel too, yet somehow everyone else is responsible.

  90. thesilentred says:

    There seems to be a worryingly high number of peopler who seek to justify Hillsborough on the basis of Heysel. Even amongst the Juventus fans themselves, when we presented the friendship banner to them, there was apparently a Juve banner being held up in their end with the date of Hillsborough on it saying something like ‘God does exist’. How can they detest us for that with such a banner of display. Either human life is precious or it isn’t (my 2 cents on that one).

    The point though is that we have been punished and we accepted it. We have accepted our responsibililty (albeit very late in an official sense) and our offer of a banner to the Juventus fans is a damn site more than anything we have received in the 20+ years since Hillsborough.

    What I’m trying to get across is that, short of publicly flogging ourselves in the street, or offering to even things up by lining up 39 of our fans to be executed by Juventus supporters, what more are we supposed to do? I’d like to see a little more made of the date EVERY year in official channels, maybe a ceremony or prayers offered, but how far must we go? Yes, Heysel should be an occasion for apologies. In fact I see it as a symbol of the occasions when all humans have to look at themselves, reflect, and then admit their failings – but what is the point in any of this we don’t use this to improve ourselves as people.

    All clubs have some ‘fans’ who will use any excuse to just hate supporters of another club and that will never change; but amongst those of us living in the civilised world I’d hope we can still bring the fans of both clubs closer together.

  91. Champions of Europe says:

    We are the Champions of Europe!

    We also won another small cup… against Liverpool… FA Cup I think its called?

  92. Kitty says:

    Hmmm, some of you are looking pretty dumb now aren’t you? Those who said it wasn’t a police cover up like to come back and apologise now you’ve been proven to be ill informed idiots?

  93. smiddy72 says:

    I am a Glasgow rangers supporter and their is fucking shocking fings sung by celtic and Aberdeen scum bout the ibrox disaster in 1971 yet it’s only rangers who get pulled bout secterian singing Celtic scum come down to england and sing songs about ira scum who blew half of englend up

  94. Dea says:

    Would expect nothing less from some Chelsea fans, no respect. Lowest form of a football fan in my book.

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