Giovani Dos Santos Scores Impudent Lob vs Brazil – Did The Flukey Bugger Mean It? (Video)

By Chris Wright

He plays roughly four games for Tottenham in four years and then Giovani Dos Santos goes and does this for his country – looping in an impudent lob from the acutest of angles during Mexico’s friendly against Brazil t’other eve…

Did he mean it? Hmmm. Pies ain’t so sure. Looks suspiciously shaped like a ‘stand it up at the back stick’ kind of cross to us, but then what do we know? The man himself is adamant:

“They asked me several times (if I meant to score). I tried it, I saw that Chicharito was alone there in the centre, so I tried it out and thankfully got the goal.”

We’ll have to take Gio’s word for it. He does have previous with this kind of thing after all…

Ay ay ay.

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  1. Oplo says:

    Why isn’t he successful at Spurs? He seems pretty decent

    • Chris says:

      @Oplo: Think it was a question of attitude in the beginning. The fact that ‘Arry tends to pick the same 11 players for every single game probably doesn’t help either.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There were rumours of him having a bad attitude,
    Ie. going out on the piss, turning up late for training etc.
    But that was about 3 seasons ago, Levy won’t sell him unless he makes some money on him, and Harry won’t pick him cos like Christ says, he only picks the same players week in week out,
    He’s obviously got some skills though,

  3. Krsta says:

    I watched the game on a Mexican stream. I won’t say I’m 100 %, but I think at half-time he said he meant it.

    As for his attitude – there was shock when Barcelona let him go to Spurs for a couple of million or so, but it sure looks like they knew what they were doing. A totally different player @ Mexico than @his clubs. Something is strange about him, Harry and his Barcelona coaches must have a good reason to keep leaving him out.

  4. Papi, aka Frost says:

    He’s done it before. Not just for Mexico, either. From his little look-up, seems like he did. That kind of a lobbed cross would have been picked up by the goalie, or by Juan to clear away.

    Whether he meant to or not, I was lucky enough to be at the game in the Cowboys Stadium, and it was a hell of a goal.

  5. yahhhsteve says:

    No way he meant to score. That was a cross.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Harry never plays him because he thinks he parties too much and isn’t serious.

    Looked good to me…

  7. Ant_lfc says:

    Anyone who tinks he meant it is a fool

  8. jon says:

    i never understand it. bad attitude or not, how can you possible determine if a player is good or not if he plays 4 times in 4 years? he’s done well on his loans and at country.

  9. hc says:

    If the way he put his foot to chip the ball is anything to go by, it was meant to be a shot

  10. David says:

    Not sure if it was meant or not. What I have noticed, however, is that Mexico plays alot of their friendlies in front of Mexican crowds and pro-Mexican referees. Mexico, from what I have witnessed, have a very influencial crowd, a crowd that seems to shower the team with luck all the time and believes in their team. This could actually be one of the main reasons why Geo does better with his national side as oppose to his clubs abroad. No fans to shower luck at you in the stands can make a big difference. That being said, I still think it was a nice goal by Geo even if it was sheer luck or a fluke. He does possess some good ball control skills.

  11. jon says:

    shower luck? can you take a bath in it too?

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