Harry Redknapp Parts Company With Tottenham – Who Will Take His Place?

Alan Duffy

13th, June 2012


By Alan Duffy

Not only did Harry Redknapp miss out on the England job, but now he’s without a job full stop. Rumours had been circulating for days and weeks concerning Redknapp’s future at White Hart Lane with the relationship between ‘Arry and Spurs chief Daniel Levy said to be rather stormy.

However, Redknapp had consistently denied  that he was on the way out at White Hart Lane. But now, it has emerged that the former West Ham boss has parted company with Tottenham after failing to agree a new deal. Although, according to some media sources, it was a less amicable departure with Redknapp actually getting the sack.

While ‘Pies will no doubt be taking a respectful look back at the life and times of Mr. Redknapp and Spurs very soon and analysing his departure from the north Londoners in more detail, for now (it’s bloody late and I’m tired) we ask you just who do you think will be the next Tottenham boss? Is Dortmund genius Jurgen Klopp a realistic option? Or what about Pep Guardiola? Or will it be Clive ‘shake my hand’ Allen who gets the nod? (it won’t be him)

Let us know! Now!

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  1. DJ says:

    Over-rated Chancer

  2. plops says:

    Oh that fucking face, Jesus Hobnobbing Christ, get rid of that picture! What a thoroughly ugly, ugly man. Funny how his son was a fanny melter in his youth, Louise will be saddened when his face droops like his dad’s. It’s worse than Big Sam “Big Face” Allardyce’s big fat face.

    What was the question? Nah, no ideas on the next manager. Whatever happened to player-managers? Were there ever any goalkeeping player-managers?

  3. sleeba says:

    As a Chelsea fan I should laugh but…but fuck it I feel for my Spurs mates. They were just starting to get away from the last 10 years of being mediocre, now they have to start all over again. If Drobga had miss that penalty, it could have been us on a downward spiral. Levy should leave it to Abramovich to be King sacker.
    What’s “Welcome Harry” in Arabic?

  4. spurs11 says:

    What is wrong with Levy? Has he lost his mind? How much he did give to Harry, to justify his support with our club finishing twice 4th and 5ft once in the Premier League. The best ever finish that Spurs had for over 20 years. Champions League quarter final and great entertaining football with likes of Gio and Vedran and co, players that Harry didn’t rate and rightly so. On top of all we now have a group of players that want to play for their manager and enjoy being at the top of the most difficult league in the world. Give Harry the cash that you gonna spend on idiots from all over Europe to do the same job that he’s already done. Long Live Harry Redknapp, Please Stay And Be A Tottenham Legend. . . .You Are One Already. . . Levy Out

  5. Looking at the history of the clubs that Harry Redknapp has managed at from the point he left onwards, I fear (I say “fear” but I loathe Spurs so that’s not the right word) for Spurs. Portsmouth (twice) and Southampton have both been left in Redknapp’s wake of destruction…

  6. Gazz says:

    This is an outrage – an absolute liberty for people to be putting around this kind of rumour on the internet.

  7. Ben says:

    @plops unless jamie has a car crash and looses the nerve endings in his face he will never look like harry.

  8. Jared says:

    Perhaps if Harry had pushed us into the CL, he could have bought himself another year, but frankly, the writing has been on the wall the entire year. Honestly, irrespective of what he’s done at Spurs during his four year term, the man never once respected the club that was paying his wages, and no other big club’s supporters would sit idly by while the manager (who is supposed to be constantly fighting for his players and fans) takes potshots at both his employers and his fans in the press with nothing of a muzzle in place.

    That, for me, was enough. Always willing to take the credit when we were flying high (which we often did), but never willing to take the blame for his occasional silly management (which happened just as often). It’s simply a matter of respect, and Redknapp was never comfortable being someplace that didn’t have the funds or recent history to compete with the clubs at the very top. Don’t tell me that any other club would have put up with that…

  9. usrick says:

    I’m sure Pep wouldn’t be interested, and I doubt Klopp would be. AVB maybe?

  10. ZannettiIsASaint says:

    That’ll be Modric and Bale leaving too then

  11. el_gilbo says:

    IMO he is the best squad builder in the prem!

  12. deeznutz says:

    David Moyes surely?
    or if not him – can Martin O’Neill be poached?

  13. dc says:

    avb would be a great pickup for spurs, probably an improvement in the long run. Frank Rijkaard swoop? anybody?

  14. SS says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t understand why Spurs fans are so happy over this decision. If I remember correctly, it was Redknapp who turned the clubs fortunes around. He brought Spurs back into the upper echelons of the Premier League and disrupted the (now defunct) “Top Four.” He built a very strong team bringing the likes of VDV to the club and milking the talents of Bale and Walker. Don’t forget Bale was a bench warming left-back before Redknapp converted him to a winger. He instigated a great foray into the CL, and qualified 4th again this season. Without Redknapp, Spurs would still be a mid-table side boasting the likes of Mido, Malbranque, and Ghaly….Show a little more respect you ungrateful “fans”.

    Jurgen Klopp has just won the double with Dortmund, his reputation is as high as ever and he has built a great team. Why would he want to leave? If he were to leave it would be for a big club not Tottenham. (His Dortmund side is better than Spurs!!) As for Pep, I truly believe that he wants to take a year off to rest. I read that Chelsea were holding out for him to re-think his decision but he didn’t change his mind. Plus from Barcelona to fucking Tottenham, that would be a HUGE step down.

  15. C says:

    Rafa Benitez

  16. diesel says:

    wtf. fuck levy. keep arry.

  17. West Ham United says:

    Dear Harry Redknapp,


    Yours Sincerely,
    West Ham United

  18. Dom says:

    The only options available are AVB (out of contract since Chelsea), and possibly persuading Martinez or Moyes to move onto greater ambitions.

    Suggestions that Jurgen Klopp (just won back to back titles, and german cup) will leave when he turned down Liverpoola and other clubs, same story with Guardiola if he was going anywhere it was Chelsea or perhaps Liverpool.

  19. Kate says:

    @SS I completely agree with you! I have been a devout Spurs fan all my 22 years. My family have been supporters since way back when, and I cannot understand why many Spurs fans are happy to see him go. Harry was an excellent manager for us, getting us into the Champions League for the first time. When he took over from Juan Ramos, we were borderline relegation territory, and he came in, and built this fantastic squad, and allowing players to be comfortable, and to just go out there and enjoy there football. He was one of the only managers that were friendly enough to the media, allowing them to interview his players during training, and he brought confidence to the squad. I honestly think that us Spurs fans are the biggest load of moaners in the PL. We are a good club that has come far, and we wanted to get rid when a little slip up happened? He got us to 4th this past season, like he promised he would do. I mean, look at other clubs! Liverpool had a horrid season, and the Wigan fans stood by Martinez through thick and thin. Whenever I am at WHL, I honestly feel like I am at a 35,000+ group therapy session! Okay, enough ranting on! I for one, will miss Harry dearly! I hope this isn’t the last of him!

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