Andy Gray Attacks Tottenham’s Tom Huddlestone On Twitter Over Wimbledon Remarks

Alan Duffy

8th, July 2012


By Alan Duffy

Poor old Andy Murray, his tears at the end of his defeat to Swiss tennis-droid Roger Federer will have endeared him to the nation. He is the new Diana, or Gazza, or someone. At least with Wimbledon now over we won’t have to put with too more appalling jokes relating to “Murray will go back to being Scottish now he’s lost” etc. Anyway, following the men’s final result, chunky Spurs midfielder Tom Huddlestone posted a rather inoffensive Tweet applauding Federer’s performance. Although the phrase “in his back garden” is new to me, I must admit.

However, this Tweet (see below) somehow found its way onto the radar of one Andy Gray, no doubt as he sat at his computer in his y-fronts, with a glass of scotch in one hand. Using Richard Keys’ Twitter account, Gray launched a rather unfair little missive in the direction of Huddlestone. As I said, I imagine alcohol had a part to play in it. Read the odd exchange below…


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  1. FeintZebra says:

    Saw this. Nothing wrong with Huddlestones tweet.

    Think someone had been on the Special Brew

  2. Sut says:


  3. Gary Linsell says:

    Quality Tom. Andy and Dick are complete asbeens! Can’t wait to see Tom back in a Spurs shirt.

    Andy and Dick must be heading for channel 5!

  4. Gary Linsell says:

    Nice one Tom

  5. Toji says:

    Are Keys and Gray married?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Andy Gray,wife beating moron nuff said

  7. Alan says:

    Gray & Keysie are the main reasons I tune out from talk sport, but only when their show comes on. Gray & Keysie?; #SmugAndCreepy.

  8. tool says:

    ….I now have an image of Keys and Grey all snuggled down watching the final with a bottle of red. Andy had too much, and went on an emotional overload with his mates phone. Do you reckon he is now crying about his episode as Keys gently wipes away the tears?

  9. John says:

    @Alan: Agree!! Bring back Mike Parry and Mike Graham…..Their morning show was the best!Had so much fun tuning in then. Was actually a joy listening to talksport in that morning slot…I switch over whenever Keys & Gray are on now.

  10. John says:

    @Toji: Hahaha, great stuff.

  11. John .g says:

    Sad for Andy Gray .Just a load of rubbish.Why he is employed goodness knows and

  12. Garth Crooks says:

    Had a word and turns out he thought “In his backgarden” meant in Andy’s proverbial. Just a dirty mind to blame for this premature pop at the young lad. Hope to see them all involved back on sky next season!

  13. Pete says:

    What sort of person would take offence at Huddlestone’s remark? He said it was a great game, Andy Murray was a game finalist, and that many times winner Federer is at home on Centre Court, Wimbledon. And TH had predicted a 3 sets-to-one victory. I doubt Andy Murray would be offended by any of that.

  14. Alex says:

    @sut Buckfast is evil stuff, it actually turned a friend of mines face purple once

  15. syndex says:

    For some reason I can see the two of them in front of the telly with matching pink bunny slippers, scouring the sky listings for a when the premiership years is on so they can reminisce about their golden years quickly turning the sound down when Gary Neville or Jamie Redknapp appear to stop keysie from having “one of his turns”. Like some footballing version of the league of gentlemen.

  16. big mean bunny says:

    I love Huddlestones reply! shows he has way more class and tact than either of those idiots.

  17. elvico says:

    I only listen to brazil and orani now .the rest are crap.

  18. terry says:

    what did huddelstone say wrong i wanted federer to win aswell and it is his back garden as he won it 7 times andy needs to get a job murray is scottish so why support him no scottish people i know would support any english player fact

  19. George says:


    Think you’ve managed to miss the point on this one – that’s the wrong Tweet from Huddlestone. Before that he actually retweeted some backwards comment from James Vaughan and then continued to post in the same vein.

    “Y r people saying I should want murray to win cos he is British? He is Scottish I’m English! I bet he wasn’t supporting England in euro’s!”

    Nothing really in it, either, but I’d guess it was that which had Gray replying rather than what you originally posted.

  20. Mark Jones says:

    @elvico: I listen Hawksbee & Jacobs as well as Brazil & Irani. They are comedy geniuses. Even Quinny and Saggers are great together. Great double acts, which is why talksport should have kept with Ian Wright & Adrian Durham and Mike Parry & Mike Grahame. It really isn’t rocket science to see how good those double acts were :/ They should bring them back, period.

  21. peter says:

    in his back garden, eg, wimbledon is federer’s back garden because he’s won it so many times?

  22. Joe says:

    So, by Mr Gray’s reckoning, sportsmen should not comment negatively about any other sportsperson who’s achieved more than them… Does he himself therefore refrain from heaping anything but praise on the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, Torres or even Jose ‘Champions League’ Bosingwa?

  23. Shteve says:

    I am not here to abuse…but Keys and Gray stink up TalkSport…I don’t mind Gray as much, but Keys thinks he is the man when clearly he isn’t. Nothing wrong with Huddlestone’s Tweets and I don’t know many who wanted Murray to win, unless they were female! (that ones for Gray).

    Pipe down Keys…you are just making me dislike you more with you usual poor views about football…I know this will cut deep, I think I even prefer Durham to you.

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