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Moronic West Ham Fans Bring Shame On Their Club, Flash Nazi Salutes To Tottenham Fans (Video)

By Chris Wright


It’s also being reported on social media that, along with the Nazi salutes, small pockets of West Ham fans also chanted ‘Viva Lazio’, ‘Can we stab you every week?’ and ‘Hitler’s coming for you, you f**king Jews’ at White Hart Lane as well as hissing after letting off a smoke bomb (to mimic Holocaust gas chambers) in the week after ten Tottenham fans were beaten senseless and knifed in Rome for nothing other than being fans of a historically Jewish football club.

Where do you start with that? It’s 2012 for Christ’s sake. We honestly can’t even process the levels of sheer lobotomite stupidity on show here.

Vile, just… vile.

(Video: 101gg)

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By Chris on November 26th, 2012 in FAIL, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham Utd. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

20 Responses to “Moronic West Ham Fans Bring Shame On Their Club, Flash Nazi Salutes To Tottenham Fans (Video)”

  1. plops says:

    Fans in singing naughty things shocker.

  2. Me says:

    When their idol is Paolo Di Canio, does this really surprise you?

  3. PatBlueIre says:

    @ plops

    What kind of moron are you?

    Wonder how benayoun felt listening to his ‘own’ fans chant such bullshit. Sometimes you really have to wonder what kind of a shithole we live in

  4. Linda says:

    The FA has stated it’s “likely” that they’ll look into it. As they yawn into their tea. Amazing. How is this any less than monkey chants?

  5. ChristianVieri says:

    @PatBlueIre, who cares its just chanting, no harm done. The PC brigade have to get over themselves, If you rally care about society, go volunteer in the inner city or a homeless shelter.

  6. LunaVC says:

    Wet Spam have a fanbase of in-bred tracksuit wearing chavs who listent to Speed Garage, what do you expect?

    Uh the Chels

  7. Jood says:

    It’s like I’m really at a Feyenoord – Ajax game.

  8. Alex says:

    Aren’t west ham owned by a Jewish fellow?

  9. plops says:

    @PatBlueIre I beg your pardon young man!

    The Society of Black Lawyers were moaning about Spurs fans singing ‘yid army’ the other week. Pot/kettle/black, tin of worms etc etc.

    Anyway, they should ban fans completely. They could fill the stadium with mannequins and just play a recording of them singing nursery rhymes and cheering for goals.

  10. COYI says:

    hardly nazi salutes i see?

  11. marajonna says:

    Are you guys for real? This is disgusting. It can’t be laughed off as just chanting, tribal juveniles at their worst. Even more moronic coming from the east end.

    As a neutral I’ve never known where to stand on the whole yid army thing but when you stuff like this you have to side with spurs. Owning the insult and showing solidarity.

    The next series of the apprentice could be fun, I imagine there’ll be a tense boardroom.

  12. anon says:

    what happened to freedom of speech?

  13. TravisKOP says:

    well the Spam fans can say what they like but they got crushed by spurs AND fat sam is their manager, whos laughin now ya knobs?

  14. Ike says:

    This is so shameful and wicked!

  15. :) says:

    as a west ham fan i’m ashamed of this. you can’t possibly say “oh pc gone mad” – it’s too far. I just hope people don’t jusge my beloved club on a few of these wankers

  16. HILTER IS DEAD says:


    Your position is quite clear (re: “yid”).

    You clearly don’t get it.

    Same goes for every other piece of shit here who stands for this.

    Imagine, JUST IMAGINE what it’s like to be on the receiving end of hate. AND THIS IS HATE.

  17. jave says:

    @ChristianVieri ‘no harm done’…tell that to Benayoun mate. Your own fans chanting about the death of millions of your people.

  18. Michael Samuelle says:

    If this happened in a southern European country, all these arrogant English would be talking sh*t right now. Unfortunately you fail to realise the English started hooliganism and continue to display it in its ugliest form.

  19. […] Who Ate All The Pies Aficionados West Ham, Saludo nazi, Tottenham, West Ham, West Ham saludo […]

  20. marajonna says:

    @Hitler is dead, pretty sure you missed my point about owning the hate, it disarms the word, not the hate.

    Also as I said before my position isn’t clear.

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