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Pick A New Shirt Sponsor For Tottenham Hotspur

By Ollie Irish


According to the Mail, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is struggling to secure a new shirt sponsor for the mighty Spurs.

The deal with Spurs’ current sponsor runs out at the end of the 2009-10 season, and in the current economic climate, there’s a shortage of companies willing to match the £8.5m Mansion shelled out a couple of years ago.

The Mail reports: “Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy will have to reduce radically his ambition to find a £10million-a-year shirt sponsor for next season in a crowded market – with Premier League rivals Sunderland, Fulham and Aston Villa also looking for more realistically priced backing.”

From an aesthetic point of view, I’d love it if Spurs had no ugly logo on their shirt next season. Financially speaking though, obviously it would suck to lose out on the £££s. Such is modern football.

So which company would you like to see emblazoned on the chest of the Spurs shirt? Let’s ‘ave it…

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By Ollie Irish on March 9th, 2010 in Kits & fashion, Tottenham Hotspur. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

88 Responses to “Pick A New Shirt Sponsor For Tottenham Hotspur”

  1. Tom says:

    Ol’ ‘Arry’s Platinum Bank Transfers

  2. Spurstowne says:

    got to be GREGGS!!

  3. Nicko says:


    Always look forward to going there but walk away feeling dissapointed and ever so slightly sick.

  4. dazza says:


  5. n17ment says:

    the white hart (hotel company)

  6. dazza says:

    harry like a good bargin so ebaY

  7. James says:

    Has to be Qatar airways just because they have lots of money and they are better than Arsescum Emirates

  8. deadwing5 says:

    “marriott hotel”, they do the best lasagna.

  9. Ivor Biggen says:

    I dont give a fuck if its DUREX , as long as Spurs get another top deal.

  10. Swy76 says:

    imodium… but in seriousness panasonic

  11. Deeds says:

    I second Nicko’s comment!

  12. DubaiYid says:

    The white Company (obvious reasons why!)

    Levy’s Rye Bread “You don’t have to be Jewish to love Levy’s.” (bit of an old one!)

    For those season ticket holders it must be Stella Artois “Reassuringly expensive.”

  13. n17ment says:


    what about go compare? :P

  14. tonytott says:

    Purely as a motivational measure, how about ‘Winalot’? I guess ‘dog food’ is not as inspiring as the name! I don’t mind as long as it is not red – I am tired of the red logo now – it doesn’t suit.

  15. peterballb says:

    Get CL and win the FA Cup and Levy will get his 10M. Don’t make Europe and he’ll be lucky to get 5M. WIIFM. COYS

  16. Chris says:

    Chick King !!!

  17. Ben says:

    what about JEWSONS – the building material suppliers. Would tie in nicely with the no foreskin heritage of the clubs yiddish history.

  18. deadlyBuzz says:

    Pampers or Tampax

  19. tonytott says:

    Jewsons is winning so far…

  20. 05295855 says:


  21. 05295855 says:

    Lynx then John Terry will join us

  22. kidyid says:

    It has to be EL-AL….that’ll show them

  23. Maxi says:

    EL-AL…nice blue and white star of david…perfect

  24. Oliver says:

    got to be apple
    it show style and class

    or subway
    added time could be sub of the day when peter crouch comes on and scores.

    or sony
    another class sponsor and our TVs are sony

    or go retro
    HOLSTEN as we might get adidas again.

  25. Delboy Dublin says:

    Papa Luigi’s Bargain Lasagne

  26. Mediah says:

    HOLSTEN! I wanna see us return to the old sponsor. If not something like CITROEN or APPLE. Panasonic was a nice one Swy 76

  27. Ben says:

    cheers tonytott

  28. figg says:

    Halifax or BNP Paribas

  29. yuan says:

    I THINK I GO FOR ‘MAYBANK’ from Malaysia. wealthy bank in the world

  30. Chris says:

    Yorkie – it’s not for girls!

  31. j says:

    i heard a rumour it was going to be santander.

  32. DesertSpur says:

    I couldn’t wear the El-Al shirt here in Dubai without being arrested/knifed/lynched. So as long as I can wear it without fear of death, I’m happy – Qatar Airways, Panasonic, Apple, or any profitable multinational company that has a decent amount of cash to splash around for Sponsorship and Naming rights.

  33. Ruperto says:


  34. Armstrong_11 says:

    No! No AIRLINES! we are not Le Arse!

    I’ll prefer a Technology company, maybe Apple or IBM… but i do expect us to get another betting site, maybe Bwin.

    I’m ok with a short 1 year deal, after all we should be looking to offer a package deal with naming rights for the new stadium in the near future.

  35. Svein Kåre Johansen says:


  36. tonytott says:

    You heard it will be Santander? Another RED logo! I’ll be surprised if it would be an airline – they have cashflow problems right now…

  37. Name says:

    Gotta to be internet/computing giants…Apple, Google, Ebay,

  38. impu says:

    @yuan MAYBANK?? haha CIMB perhaps?? hahaha

  39. Baz says:

    Renault and Ford have joined forces to create the perfect small car for women. Mixing the ‘Clio’ and the ‘Taurus’ they have designed the ‘Clitaurus’. It comes in pink, the average male car thief won’t be able to find it let alone turn it on, even if someone tells him where it is and how to do it. Rumour has it though that it leaks transmission fluid once a month and can be a real cunt to start in the morning

  40. Paddy says:

    ‘Next’ cos theres always next season

  41. chris says:


  42. SpurSi says:

    I’ve heard it could be ‘Bing’ the Microsoft Search engine

  43. CT says:

    HYUNDAI as they are blue-they sponsor footie and are also kings of the car scrappage scheme
    so we could get at least a spare wheel for jenas

  44. Temjin says:


  45. stevey396 says:

    It’ll be a downgrade from a Mansion to a hut. So Pizza Hut it is. Hud is already licking his lips at the thought. Pizza Hud!

  46. Brizzyid says:

    Caesars Palace (Home of the KING!)

  47. everyid says:

    Panadol – its painful supporting spurs sometimes! No one throws a two goal lead away like us!

  48. Brizzzyid says:

    UNICEF – Cause we hate Saudi’s with Cannons!

  49. Brizzzyid says:

    Makita Power Tools – There’s no need for hammers!

  50. Brizzzyid says:

    MDMA – guaranteed to beat the blues

  51. Brizzzyid says:

    Marriot Hotels – No Villa’s here

  52. Brizzzyid says:

    Wrigley’s – For when your sick of Toffee’s

  53. Brizzzyid says:

    Disney – We think it’s great when Wolves dress up as Women

  54. Brizzzyid says:

    Vesuvius (Engineering) – One minute it was there, then Pompeii disappeared!

  55. Brizzzyid says: – Even we reject the trotters

  56. Ivor Biggen says:

    Yeah…a sponsor with letters BNP would go down fkin well at the lane wouldnt it?

  57. Brizzzyid says:

    Levi Jeans – Baggies are so 1990

  58. DaveyBoi says:

    R Whites :)

  59. Mr.B says:

    Viagra ~ At least we will look hard …………

  60. Mr.B says:

    Above should have read:
    VIAGRA ~ At least we will look hard to beat …………..

  61. DrSpurs says:

    How about the holiday destination “Sandy Balls

  62. Costa Cockney says:

    Living in Spain I would suggest “The Bank of Santander” they already are prominent in our Highstreets & could do more for Spurs than “Ann Summers” (or could they)?
    Erbie Bar Med(Cabot Roig) Costa Blanca

  63. GH says:

    Would love EA SPORTS

  64. Swedishspur says:


  65. bigman says:

    Your mum has aids.

  66. Gaz says:

    Lillywhites, or something with a BLUE logo!

  67. Maybe Juande says:


  68. Maybe Juande says:

    PaddyAir – Short breaks to Ireland

  69. Maybe Juande says:


  70. Garett says:

    Worked for MARRIOTT 4 many years would love 2 c them get the shirt sponser good marketin4 them

    kiwi supporter of spurs 4 30 years !!!!!!!!!!!! been 2 whl and f a cup final in 91

  71. john says:

    NEXT?……..season for sure

  72. pee wee says:

    Get BNP to sponsor us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. nuttsy says:

    i say that we get sponsored by Up Your Viva

  74. daniel says:

    we should get bwin real midrid got ac milan have it would look gd on tottenham shirt

  75. aido says:

    Gulf Oil, would look great on pale blue away/third kit

  76. scott says:

    I reckon we go the bolton route….have our kit made by adidas, have adidas as our sponsor and call the the new stadium….the adidas arena!!!

  77. Tim says:

    ‘ WINALOT ‘

  78. Johnny Foreigner says:

    White Hart & Lane Solicitors

  79. BrokenBaculum says:

    I’d like a company such as Epson, or another Japanese multinational, just as long as the logo has no red on it. Or possibly Loewe, they have an incredibly simple logo –

    Apparently Levy turned down £6 million Dulux sponsorship.

    I’m sure he’ll sort something out.

  80. jack says:

    we wudda looked right wankers with paint on our shirts

  81. johnny says:

    EA SPORTS – how good would that be and to have the white hart lane stadium in the game as well!

  82. johnny says:

    nobody can tell me that ea sports cant afford 10 million per year!

  83. Mulia huang says:

    I-Venue by Apple

  84. Mulia huang says:

    I-Dome by Apple

  85. Walker says:


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