Football Scenes You Will See Today: Sol Campbell Abused By Tottenham Fans

Ollie Irish

14th, April 2010


By Ollie Irish

Arry Redknapp fears Tottenham fans will give Sol Campbell “grief” during this evening’s north London derby:

“I’m sure he will get some grief. It is no good me sitting here and saying that he won’t,” the Spurs gaffer said.

“They (the fans) pay their money and they are going to do what they want to do, aren’t they? I just hope they don’t do anything silly or shout anything silly.

“Sure, if they want to jeer him or whatever, that is fine. But we saw trouble before at Portsmouth with people making remarks that aren’t right. You do not want that.”

Spurs fans attacked Arsenal’s bus when Campbell first returned to White Hart Lane in 2001 before subjecting him to homophobic chants when he played for Portsmouth in 2008.

“He is used to it now, I suppose,” Redknapp added.

“When he plays, he gets on with it, doesn’t he? He will get on with the game. He has been through it all before and he is experienced enough now.

“It has been a long-running saga but they have got the hump with him here and they are not going to forgive him.”

Any Spurs fans out there – will you boo Sol? If so, why? It’s childish, it’s lame, it must stop.

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Tottenham team news: Spurs will be without Aaron Lennon, who suffered a setback in training on Monday as he bids to overcome the groin injury that he sustained in December ’09. Wilson Palacios begins a two-match suspension while Niko Kranjcar will struggle to return again this season after injuring his ankle in Sunday’s FA Cup semi-final defeat to Portsmouth.

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  1. Deanspurs says:

    Yeah cos we’re the only ones that ever do have a go at ex-players aren’t we?

    Maybe you should tell the players to grow up too (Adebayour, Tevez, Bent) and set an example to us Spurs fans?

  2. Deanspurs says:

    I’m sure they’ll take notice of you….

  3. Ollie says:

    @Deanspurs – I am a Spurs fan, you utter moron.

  4. colin says:


  5. Frank says:

    “but they have got the hump with him here” lol, harry is always good value

  6. Darren says:

    Deanspurs is right! Like other fans don’t do it either e.g Arsenal booing Adebayour, Manu booing Tevez, it comes with football agree with the artical about certain gestures but the booing is fine they get paid enough to take something small like that I know Campbell reeped the benefits of dragging out his contract and signing for Arsenal on a free.

  7. Anonymous says:

    your a dick mr article writer

  8. Anti-Vermin says:

    Forget homophobic abuse!
    Blatant Anti-semetism is why Spurs fans are being singled out for abusing an ex-player, I cant see any other reason!
    Let us not forget Ashley Cole, or Cashly as the goons like to call him.
    He did the same to them as Campbell done to Spurs, dumped em for big money & for a much better chance of winning medals.
    The Gooners spout vile abuse at him which includes anti-gay comments & nothing gets written about that in the press does it?
    Evertonians give Nick Barmby dogs abuse for doing the unspeakable & way back Leeds Utd fans abused Cantona on a scale which was unmeasurable.
    For me, racist, sexist & homophobic abuse is out of order but having a go at an ex player who has stabbed your club & u squarely between the shoulders is well in play!

  9. Stevie Yido Rhea says:

    I for one will boo, jeer and gob in the face of the judas cunt at every given opportunity. I wish nothing but misery for his sad little life. Altogether now….. CAMPBELL LOVES BARRYMORE. CAMPBELL LOVES BARRYMORE. CAMPBELL LOVES BARRYMORE. CAMPBELL LOVES BARRYMORE!!

  10. anon says:

    I like how the article writer says abuse of Sol is childish and then goes on to abuse someone for daring to disagree with him

    What a hypocrite

  11. Jelly Bean says:

    @Stevie – does it really bother you that much that he switched from Arsenal to Spurs? Sounds like you need to get over it!

  12. Jelly Bean says:

    Oops wrong way round!

  13. dear anon says:

    there is a difference between calling someone a moron and using racial/homophobic/or anti-semetic slurs.

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