Video: Danny Rose Scores Wonder Goal, Spurs Vs Arsenal

Ollie Irish

14th, April 2010


By Ollie Irish

Holy shit, that was astonishing. One of the goals of the season, fo’ sure. Danny Rose, you just had your Wayne Rooney moment (Rooney’s was also against Arsenal).

PS. I’m posting this at half-time. We’ll have to see if Spurs can hold out against a decidedly weakened Arsenal side. RvP still on the bench though. That worries me…

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  1. steve says:

    holy shit never have we seen a goal struck as well as gazzas free kick against the assenal until now god bless you danny you really rose to this occassion……………….. blinding

  2. max says:

    that’s given chelsea the league then
    torn between the pain of seeing john terry lifting the title (and the inevitable outpouring of praise on his “lionheart character” – bullshit) and the pleasure of a young english player doing THAT on his debut. Tell you what, if Danny repeats the trick in 2014 world cup i can probably handle JT’s gurning mug hogging the backpages for a couple of weeks.
    btw, does anyone else think almunia was at fault again? arsene, go and by a keeper, for fuck’s sake. manuel isnt as bad as some say, but sparodically good and consistantly good is the difference between also-rans and champions. lloris, anyone?

  3. Dan says:

    Tikaboo son, tik. a. boo.

  4. the vein in wenger's forehead says:

    Almunia was certainly at fault for Gareth Bale’s goal. What the hell man, you’re supposed to be in front of the person attacking you not behind him.

  5. kritter says:

    that was a blinder. I don’t think i’ve seen a better volley.

    I’m an arsenal supporter, and when that went in, i didn’t even care. it was stunning. i still hate the scum and i still love arsenal, but HOLY GOD i’ve watched it 50 times now and every time i’m speechless.

  6. david says:

    Your spot on max. I was hoping for an Arsenal win just to mix the title race up a bit more, but great effort from the young man, albeit savable. Wenger really needs to peer into the market for a reliable and consistent keeper, theres plenty out there (Neur, Frey or kameni? Maybe…) at any rate Almunia isn’t really shining when he needs to be and Fabianski hasn’t done much to show off his skills any time he has played so far, granted he’s still young (but Joe Hart is young and he has been phenomenal!). Great goal though and a great moment in football.

  7. David Allison says:

    And on the topic of ‘keepers, MOM for Gomes? Outstanding performance, especially that close range stop from RVP.

  8. […] Danny Rose put the match on the good foot, with a very special volley (watch it here), before the excellent Gareth Bale (he is improving at a scary rate, isn’t he) doubles […]

  9. Jelly Bean says:

    Holy crap! Brilliant goal (and I’m a Gooner). Can’t begrudge him that.

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