Man City Or Tottenham – Who Gets Fourth?

By Ollie Irish

Arry Redknapp spying at Eastlands in February

It’s ridiculous that we’re all so worked up about fourth place, but I can’t suppress my excitement at the thought of tonight’s match at Eastlands, which is essentially a playoff for entry into next season’s Champions League.

The simple and obvious question is, who’s going to get fourth? A win or draw for Spurs should be enough for them, as they play at relegated Burnley on the last day of the season (no gimme, mind). City, whose final fixture is at Upton Park, really need all three points this evening.

Vote below and leave a pithy comment too:

Oh, and which club do you want to get fourth place, and why? As a Spurs fan, you already know my answer to that, of course.

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  1. MrTuktoyaktuk says:

    Tottenham’s away record is poor. City’s record against Tottenham is poor. It’s anybody’s game. In any case, that’s all rubbish because City will win.

  2. Kishore says:

    screw shitty…dump all ur money in the europa league next season..

  3. Ben says:

    im with you ollie. ive prayed to all the gods for 3 points tonight. to secure it at eastlands and rub in their faces and say;

    look at you tevez with your fckd up neck, we got 4th bitch

    look at you lescot with your freaky ass hair, we got 4th bitch

    look at you barry with your accountants face, we got 4th bitch

    look at you satnav cruz with your beautiful jawline, we got 4th bitch

    look at you ireland, with your hair receding back to your arse, we got 4th bitch

    look at you adebayourshit, with your Bobby McFerrin pig tails, your not reggae son, your shit, and we got 4th bitch

    look at you wayne bridge, we all wuda dun your gf, look at her, get over it, we got 4th bitch

    and look at you shaun shite phillips, your not going to the world cup son, lennon walcott and my nan are going, and shes a centre back. and we got 4th bitch.

    city fans owe fulham a lot. they have ensured that maybe more people will be tuning into channel 5 next year, now theyv injected some excitment back in the europa league. So kaka can watch you citizens on a thursady after training now.

    god bless those lilly whites.

  4. Raider says:

    The Shitizens got what they deserve. No Champion’s League, no big name players!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Well done Spurs!

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