Harry Redknapp Voted Premier League Manager Of The Season

By Ollie Irish

Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has been named Barclays Manager of the Season. Triffic!

“I’m delighted to receive the award but it’s a team effort with Kevin (Bond), Joe (Jordan), Clive (Allen), Tony (Parks), Tim (Sherwood), Les (Ferdinand) and all the coaching and fitness staff,” Arry told his club’s official website.

“Really, I’m just part of the team. It’s all down to the players and what they’ve achieved. It’s down to them really and a real honour to receive it.”

The award was voted by a Barclays panel, which is made up of football’s governing bodies, the media and fans.

Redknapp becomes only the second manager since the formation of the Premier League to win the award without having won the league – George Burley won it after leading Ipswich Town to fifth place in 2000/01.

Spurs have done brilliantly well to qualify for the Champions League. They got pretty close to the FA Cup final too. I know there are a lot of Roy Hodgson fans out there, and Carlo Ancelotti has done very well in his first season in England, but the more I think about it, the more I like the choice of Redknapp.

Do you agree with the decision?

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  1. spurs4lyf says:

    I would have said Roy hodgson but Fulham have had a bad pl season. what they have done in Europa is amazing and if they win then it will be even more unbelievable but redknapp deserves it

    see you next season barca

  2. Catcher says:

    Well done Harry fully deserved, Didnt think after the FA Semi that we could do it but After wins against Ar2ena1, Chelsea and the big one at City, there could only be one winner.

    Champions League who would have thought !!!! Mr Alan ( They always let you down) Hanson.

    Come on you SPURS

  3. C says:

    Well deserved imo.

  4. Gareth says:

    This is pretty ironic considering how he probably shares part of the responsibility for Portsmouth going into administration this season. Both Hodgson and Ancelotti would have been better choices, in my opinion.

  5. Kay says:

    I am very proud of what my Spurs have achieved, but I very much agree, Fulham’s Roy Hodgson should have, in my opinion, as a Spurs supporter, have received this ahead of our Arry. That said, Hodgson for England……

  6. e-soccer genious says:

    Roy Hodgson…all the way!

  7. kritter says:

    Should have been Hodgson. Though Harry’s not undeserving.

  8. kathmcp says:

    Well deserved.

  9. scottspur says:

    Hodgson managed fulham all the way to europa league final but 12th in the table is hardly a premiere league accomplishment, hence why Redknapp was voted manager of the prem

  10. Anonymous says:

    I agree….Rednapp must accept some of the blame for the Pompey situation.As with all other “Big Club” managers he has tospend millions to build any type of team.Hodgson would have been the perfect choice and a good example……Still,maybe ‘Arry can bankrupt Spurs………Now that would be good and worth the manager of the year award.

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  12. Jack says:

    to be fair 12th in the pl is an accomplishment, before woy took over 12th would have been a very good position for fulum, and if you take a exhausting yet brilliant european run as well as Fa cup quarter finals that would stretch a small fulum squad to the limit. Hes done wonders and I would have liked to see roy get it myself just for being a top fella. But taking nothing away from arry, fully deserved.

  13. Eboue says:

    This is only because twitchy finished fourth which is a bit shit tbh considering the money spent to build the current spurs squad. What about the fact Arsenal qualify year in year out even though the current squad cost considerably less the Spurs one?
    Still i think the award should have gone to Hodgeson as the Europa league is a big handicap for a team that do not have massive finances

  14. Chris says:

    All Spurs fans r gonna be exicted about this obviously. But they should take a moment to think about wat Carlo has done this year and compare to Rednapp.Its just not fair

  15. Michael says:

    Avram Grant should be the Manager of the Season. Taking Portsmouth to the FA Cup final is simply amazing. Think about it.

  16. AP says:


  17. Laddie says:

    Arsene Wenger.. Not! Maybe 5 years ago.

    Ancelloti has done an outstanding job. To go to a new country, new culture, footballing or otherwise, new language. Imagine starting a new job somewhere and within the allotted time being the most successful and outperforming everybody in the company. Outstanding.

    Roy Hodgson, has been phenominal. He’s brought a belief in the team and they have knocked out 3 of the best teams in Europe to get to the final. He’s also done it with a very small squad, who’ve have their own injury problems during the campaign.

    Harry Rednap achieved something the club hasn’t ever achieved. This in itself is a plaudit, but to do it when only 18 months ago the club lay bottom of the league is impressive. Such a serious bounce back. Lets hope Spurs stay closer to the top of the pack and not drop. Next season for Spurs is even more important than this one.

    Sir Alex’s has managed to push Chelsea all the way to the end, after losing Ronaldo and Tevez. Don’t take that lightly, but no ones even mentioned him, because they just expect that of him. He could have been in the Champions League final as well. Not to mention having won the last 3 league titles.

    It’s a difficult call, but for me a Spurs Fan, I’d give it to Hodgers.

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  19. Anonymous says:

    I’m a Liverpool fan but I think it should be David moyes he wasawesome last season he was overall the best manager in my opinon

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