‘Loyal’ Harry Redknapp Snubs Liverpool Interest

By Chris Wright

Tottenham boss Harry Rednapp has insisted he is ‘loyal to Spurs’ in the wake of increasing speculation linking the the 63-year-old to the vacant manager’s job at Liverpool.

Redknapp has been receiving a multitude of plaudits of late after guiding Spurs to a fourth place finish in the Premier League last term, thus securing a place in next season’s Champions League – and has recently emerged as one of the favourites to succeed Rafa Benitez at the Anfield helm.

However, the veteran schemer told Soccernet that he has no intention of leaving White Hart Lane in the near future;

“I am not being presumptuous turning down Liverpool, because I haven’t been offered the job and haven’t spoken to anyone about it.

There is no need, as I have one year left on my contract at Tottenham and I am not thinking about anything other than being at White Hart Lane next season.

I can tell you that I have not been offered a new contract, but that doesn’t mean I am looking to move on – far from it.

I am loyal to Spurs, I want to stay at Spurs and I have a contract with Spurs, and I’d be happy to sign a new contract at Spurs if I was offered one, but in any case I have one year on my contract.”

Hmmm. I may be a little wide of the mark here, but it sounds to me like Old ‘Arry might be angling for a new contract. What do you reckon?

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  1. Paul says:

    Any manager would jump at the chance to manage Liverpool. Just not at their current stage;a team with huge expectation yet no known transfer kitty,it.It would be a carrer suicide.If we learn with Portsmouth,Harry is not loyal.But he is smart though.

  2. yuan says:

    fuck you! who do you think you are? harry idiot! you are not capable to manage liverpool! you just can managed a seceong rated team like spurs!

  3. Alex says:

    Yuan- love the crazytalk.

    have you seen team america?

  4. yuan says:

    Alex, you really a bastard fucking idiot! dont mess me around! im fucking this harry idiot redknapp not you! pukimak!

  5. Anfield DingDong says:

    hahaha,…liverpool fans panic….

  6. fergie's red nose!! says:

    why do so many foreigners come on this site,I am talking to you Yuan…you doggone crazy boy!!

  7. yuan says:

    You fergie’s red nose!! anato no teme bakayaro da! kotoyaro!

  8. Alex says:


    You’re fucking Harry Redknapp and not me? You can have him mate!

  9. Anonymous says:

    “anato no teme bakayaro da! kotoyaro!”

    …looks like someone’s been watching too much anime. Did Naruto teach you those naughty words?

  10. Ted Balls says:

    “anato no teme bakayaro da! kotoyaro!”

    …looks like someone’s been watching too much anime. Did Naruto teach you those naughty words?

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