Arsenal Or Tottenham: Who Will Last Longer In The Champions League?

Ollie Irish

6th, August 2010


By Ollie Irish

In the blue corner: Jermain Defoe thinks Tottenham will go farther than Arsenal in this season’s Champions League. Big talk from the wee man, but I like his confidence. Of course, much depends on who Spurs draw in the qualifying round.

In the red corner (for once): I’m a Spurs fan, as you might have noticed by now, and I think Arsenal will go farther, for a couple of obvious reasons: 1. The Gooners have a better squad 2. The Gooners have a LOT more CL experience.

Who do YOU think will go farther, Arsenal or Spurs? Vote below:

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  1. king gooner says:

    jermain defoe-pleeeesseee!what the f**k does that street urchin know ffs!as for the “stratford spuds”-out of it by AUGUSTlol!

  2. mjc says:

    You forgot:

    3 Arsenal are already qualified for the group stage
    4 Arsenal are ranked 4th in Europe and are therefore guarenteed to be a group stage first seed, whereas Spurs are ranked 30th and will therefore be a 3rd or even 4th seed.

  3. Steve says:

    I am a spurs fan. It’s clear that what Defoe said is not representative of what the spurs fans actually feel. Defoe is just another loud mouthed footballer.

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  5. mello says:

    hold on there tottenham haven’t qualified yet they just got the chance to qualify.

  6. Fatty boom boom gooner says:

    If Tottenham get through to the group stages they’ll be in the third pot.

  7. dannyboy says:

    Ha Ha Ha…
    You spuds are funny, same hype every year.

  8. Kaiko says:


  9. Dominic says:

    I seem to remember the England players (including Dafoe) all predicting that they would get to the world cup final at least and maybe even win it. Not one (Dafoe included) correctly predicted that Englang would in fact be aweful in the group stages and humiliated in the knock stage.
    So maybe we shouldn’t place too much trust in his comments.

  10. Stroller says:

    Confidence ? Defoe specialises in making a complete arse of himself everytime he opens his mouth. Never playing in the champions league and being an England squad player at best hardly qualifies him to judge anyway.

  11. irish gooner says:

    what a joke this is,,,you have to be in it first and so far spuds arent in it,,,,what a joke,,,defoe must be on drugs

  12. Baldy says:

    As a Gooner, I’d like to wish the spuds good luck & I hope they do well in Europe, as I wish all the English & Scottish teams. My Dad is ‘old skool’ in that he hates the yids lol but my generation is a bit different & to be honest apart from a bit of playful banter between me & my best mate (who is a spuds fan) I’ve never really had a problem with them.

    Having said that, Defoe’s comments are typical of the one single problem at Spurs; this obsession with beating Arsenal, finishing above Arsenal, knocking Arsenal out of competitions etc. If Spurs actually stopped worrying about Arsenal & concentrated on themselves, they’d do a lot better. Alas, all they are looking for is another opportunity to get one over Arsenal & then release the obligatory commemorative DVD/watch/calendar.

    Arsenal may not win the CL this year, but we have a lot more experience than Spurs. And don’t forget the extra games & travel that this will add to their season should they qualify for the group stages. I commend Defoe on his optimism & it’s good to hear a player talking up his club *cough Fabregas* but qualify for the group stages first & then we’ll see :-)

    Amd MJC’s point is spot on, our seeding & the fact that we are already qualified is very important!

  13. J says:

    Ollie, I voted Tottenham because I think you’re a cool guy.

  14. Ollie says:

    Ok, this isn’t going so well for Spurs.

  15. ClockEndZane says:

    “If Tottenham get through to the group stages they’ll be in the third pot.”


  16. bergkampisgod says:


    Diffo doesn’t know how the champions league works he probably still thinks it’s a knock compettition

  17. The 100% Greek says:

    Even me from a thousand miles away, i know ARSENAL FC will do alot better than the Tottenham lads in CL this year

  18. deckard says:

    depends what group spurs are in. with the likes of f*cking aalborg and red bulls salzburg, or the like, you wouldn’t be against them i suppose.

    arsenal always cruise through the group stage. it’s at the serious end of spectrum they fall well short.

    long story short, wouldn’t surprise me if they both fall in the last 16.

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