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21st, September 2006

The Beef Bagel is an excellent blog devoted to the mighty Tottenham Hotspur. It’s updated regularly  – one post a day, usually – and is well worth a read. The general theme is Spurs, obviously, but the author (the mysterious ‘Bagel’) writes intensely personal posts, rather than generic football ones.

Take this extract, for example: ‘Dreams of football pass me by. I’m playing on the pitch with Roy Keane. He’s shouting at me. I’m not pulling my weight. "But Roy," I plead, "this is my first professional game." He isn’t
interested and he continues to point and shout and turn in Skeletor.
What the hell’s Skeletor doing on the pitch? Why’s he playing in
midfield? Surely he’d make a better winger? Yeah, we need a left wing,
maybe Skeletor’s the man but I don’t remember the transfer from Eternia

Slightly bonkers, but highly recommended.

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